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    I have found a lot of good information on this forum over the past couple of months and I wanted to share my Mrodair Air Max experience. Maybe I can prevent some headaches. Here is the short version.

    I ordered and received an Air Max compressor with upgrade package. I opened the boxes and everything ordered was there. There were no instructions on assembly, maintenance, or power requirements. Just a note telling to put oil in compressor before turning on. I spent a couple of nights reverse engineering everything and assembling. No good videos at the time.

    I plugged it into the washing machines outlet and turned it on. It ran for about 10 seconds and then tripped circuit. The breaker was reset and compressor turned on again. It ran for another 10 seconds sounding pretty rough so i turned it off. My son noticed smoke coming from under the top panel that smell electrical in nature. No fire. I found a loose switch on a rail and replaced back on rail. I retried Air Max again and only heard switch engage when turned on and disengaged when turned off.

    After I emailed Mrodair, I received a prompt response. One of the few. Mike said it was my outlet. So I tried 2 new outlets on dedicated 20amp 110v lines with no other outlets on them. I got the same results. Only a “click” when turned on.

    Mrodair was emailed again with details and there was no response after two days so I emailed again while suggesting I might be returning the compressor for a refund. That got a reply. Mike and I trade emails with pictures trying to solve the problem to no success. he then suggested that he would send me a new rocker switch and relay that I would install. I did not buy a new compressor to have to wrench on it to get it to work. i emailed Mike telling him that I was returning the Air Max and how he wanted this handled. Not surprisingly, there was no response. After three days I emailed him twice and he gave me the return authorization number. I sent everything back via UPS.

    I tracked the shipment and Mike signed for it on 3/4. No word about my refund by 3/7 so I emailed Mike. As usual, no response. I emailed him again on 3/8. He responded with one of the three biggest lies; “the checks in the mail”. I finally received it 3/14. Mike charged a 15% restocking fee for a product that never worked. I waited until the check cleared to email him asking why the restocking fee. Guess what? He hasn’t responded.

    I spent close to a month trying to get that HPA compressor running. I think that products should work as advertised and when they do not, the seller should solve the problem not the buyer. I’m out over $400.00 between paying for shipping both ways and a bogus restocking fee. That’s what I get for not doing my homework on Mrodair.


    Sorry that my first post had to be this kind of post.


    Mmassa, sorry about your experience with Esch, unfortunately it is all to common. On the bright side their are many honest and helpful venders and your post may help others avoid the drama and disappointment. Just a heads up, usually the buyer is attacked shortly after a non pandering post like yours. By the way welcome to TAG, or what ever this is.

    LarryW 😎


    Larry, Thanks for the heads up. For the sake of their business, I hope I am the exception and not the rule. I did contact my cc company and things are looking brighter about the restocking fee.


    Mmassa welcome to TAG.

    Sorry to read things went so awry with your unit.

    A couple questions that might be helpful to those of us guinea pigs still working on these compressors…

    Do you remember which piece was loose under the panel?
    On mine, both the relay and the larger contactor were completely loose.
    I still have to do a wiring diagram to figure out exactly what part does what.

    For your connection to the dryer circuit you must have built a plug adapter. Does the output of your adapter definitely measure as 120 v?
    Just a single wrong wire and one would be supplying 240v across two phases of the outlet instead of the desired 120v from one phase.
    If you didn’t measure it, could you do it now? That would help rule out an initial power up at the wrong supply voltage
    as the root cause.

    I expect it will still be another two weeks before I get my unit prepped for its initial power up.
    That’s not exactly plug and play.


    Guykuo, The relay was loose on my unit prior to trying to start it up.

    I think you misread my post. I plugged the Air Max into the outlet used by my washing machine which is a dedicated line, 110v with a 20amp breaker.

    I wish you well with your compressor. I never had an issue with the unit itself just how things were handled.


    Definitely mis-read. I thought dryer circuit, not washer. Never mind that line of query.


    After burning up your compressor contacts and returning it, you received a refund les the 15%.

    Exactly as it is stated on our website.

    We modeled this after other Airgun website policies here in the USA.

    every attempt was made to assist you.

    We received a damaged unit back, sell it for more than a 15% loss and had to repair it.

    Your contactor points were welded together when we received it.

    Not sure how you were left out ?


    Mike I am waiting for a response for more than a week; I am not going to rant , either you are on EASTER Holiday or you don’t care.


    Based on what I have been able to trace out in the compressor’s wiring scheme. The relay’s contacts normally only feed the relatively low current load of the contactor’s coil. In normal operation, it shouldn’t ever see enough a current load to melt the relay’s contacts.

    However, if the relay falls off its rail and the wires hit just the wrong place, there can be a short circuit across the relay contacts that would melt weld the contacts together. While that short was intermittent (probably vibration from motor) the motor would seem to run very rough. Then the stuck relay would no longer allow any current flow to energize the contactor coil —> dead upon later power on.

    Take home message is to CHECK THE RELAY AND CONTACTOR are solidly mounted on their rails before turning on the compressor. Mmassa had his relay loose. I had both the relay and contactor completely off the mounting rail. Actually, I didn’t even learn until after I fashioned a new mounting bracket that the rail was supposed to be the mounting point for those components.

    If either of those components are loose, get them back onto their rails!!!!


    I thought all the compressors have been carefully tested before shipping. It should come with start up clear instruction. I was just about one click away to order one. Thanks for sharing.


    I still expect my unit to be a useful machine, but definitely taking my time getting it ready for my intended use.

    The snap-on mounting system — one cannot tell if they jolted loose during shipment or were simply not snapped into place.


    So he plugs it in, the compressor fails?

    How is this the customers fault?

    quote Mmassa:

    There were no instructions on assembly, maintenance, or power requirements. Just a note telling to put oil in compressor before turning on.

    I’ve only been into this hobby for the past 2 years but IMO…this is way too common in the airgun world! 😕



    You would need to see the contactor.

    This didn’t happen from simply plugging it in to a proper outlet.

    These contactors are rated for 220 volt and more than double the current draw.

    Out of 100 sold, no other has been so badly burnt.

    To suggest you have first hand knowledge is simply an assumption on your part.


    ……. .. . . and yes the OP did write, ” There were no instructions on assembly, maintenance, or power requirements. ”

    My Omega SC has no problems/dramas and with no end-user issues it came complete with a fully updated written instructions and a full service/rebuild kit pack ….. and an Extreme Technical Customer Support to back it all up !

    I just top it off with water and plugged it into a standard 110v …….. and it purred quietly in my bedroom like an old washing machine. :mrgreen:

    ~ Greg, p.s. have some respect to/for the mods here @ TAG !! :angrymob:

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