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Can anyone tell me anything about this rifle as I seem to be getting conflicting numbers on it. I’ve heard that it will shoot at about 120fpe at max power (which sounds very low) and I’ve also heard of over 200fpe with very heavy 9mm bullets. Also, PyramidAir says that it will only shoot the Dae Sung pellets but is there a way around this so that buckshot of bullets can be used? Lastly, it’s obviously loud, but what is the shot count and accuracy like?

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My supply of hollowpoints are .452 and don’t appear to engage the rifling of my barrel much from what I can tell.
You might enjoy this video on the Devastator hollowpoints; there is a mold available for the 9mm as well! The 9mm are known to be even more volatile! Sorry about the large images.

Nice Butcher! that thing has some FREAKY teeth! that .45 had to just SLAM that sucker 😆 have you tried Hollow points in it? I’ve read the lead balls are the best most of the big bores though….

Hope life lets you get some more shooting in soon!

Later, Jim.

Hey BlackOps,

I think I’m the guy going after nutria you were thinking of. I don’t have 9mm; it’s a .45 SamYang. I did shoot a nutria several months ago but life has had me real sidetracked from shooting since then.
I think the 9mm would make the perfect predator gun!
I blew a hellacious wound-channel through this nutria that you could stick your thumb in with no resistance; entry and exit. Roundball at around 850+fps I imagine.
You will have to turn the brightness on your monitor way up to see the nutria I’m holding in the first pic. There is about another half inch of teeth under the gums you can’t see in the second pic.
I’ll be certain to take pics of the next one skinned-out so you can see the effects.

Edit…I lighten your pict a bit…wok

quote Tofazfou:

Nuglor….New high flow valve stem and some custom transfer ports. 2 of them to be exact. One has a smaller hole and the other has a bigger hole. Both hole are BIGGER than the stock transfer port though.

Where did you get the mods from? I would be interested in doing the same.

Black ops. You want castbullets to be no smaller than .358″. Anything smaller will not give you accuracy. .358-.360″ is optimal.

Nuglar….New high flow valve stem and some custom transfer ports. 2 of them to be exact. One has a smaller hole and the other has a bigger hole. Both hole are BIGGER than the stock transfer port though.

Wholly crap this mother is HUGE and beautiful! no chance to shoot it today…tomorrow going to have to check it out some more. I’ll have to hold it up to the other Career’s and see how it looks too… some pics and hopefully some shooting tomorrow. Man I wanted to blast a Starling with this sucker today 😆 SWAT team would be here in no time flat though 🙁 not to mention the pass through prolly going into the neighbors house 😡


Wife just told me she is at the house!!!!! I can’t frigging wait to get home!!!!!

Thanks Tofaz for the heads up…he is sending a variety of different pellets with it from Eunjin, pelletman and round balls plus the mold to make more balls. I was looking at http://www.customcastbullets.com and will prolly place an order shortly to try some of those out. Have been pondering modding some of them on the lathe to different shapes IE different hollow points to test them out. would LOVE to get something like the Modified Crow Magnum going for the 9mm…shot one of those last night into clay along with the Predator and DAMN that MCM is a beast! too bad it isn’t accurate in any of my guns yet 🙁 I need to try it in my Crosman pumpers and see if it makes any difference? only tried it in the Lothar barrels so far.


quote Tofazfou:

Can’t wait till my new DRAGON SLAYER MODS COME IN. Hopefully this thing will breathe some fire now.

What mods are you doing to your Dragonslayer? I also have one and would be interested in upgrading it.

Sweet piece man. They are pretty good guns. Just heavy. Do not under any circumstance waste your money on the 9mm Eun Jins. They are crap in that caliber. They are very short pellets too which is the reason they are not accurate.

Can’t wait till my new DRAGON SLAYER MODS COME IN. Hopefully this thing will breathe some fire now.

Thanks Tofaz…I remember that video of the big 50, the 9mm makes a good bit more noise!

Here is a pic of the gun that’s coming…


Here is a short little video of my MODIFIED Career 9mm vs my then STOCK Dragon Slayer 50 cal. The 9mm is shooting 100 gr Flat Point hard cast bullets and the .50 is shooting 175 gr Thompson Center Roundballs at about 610 FPS. The camera is about 40 yrd away from the muzzle. You can see how loud the 9mm is and how quiet the 50 cal is

Great, I’ll post something hopefully by the end of the week. The guy is going to ship it out on Monday so I should have it sometime next week. I just did as much looking as I could on it and have literally exhausted the internet 😆 there is VERY little information out here on this gun and the Fire 201 9mm.. I had the 201 a long time ago and it was too loud for me to shoot where I lived so I got rid of it without ever really knowing what it was capable of. I’m really looking forward to put this Ultra to the test. I can’t frigging wait to blast a critter with it also! I’m going to figure out some way to take some of the bark off of it, doesn’t have to be really quiet but to make it not leave my ears ringing would be really nice! I wrote the guys who make Predator pellets about 4 years ago if they would make some .25 Predators and also if they might someday make 9mm ones 😈 OMG can you imagine a frigging 9mm Predator!!!! they said the .25 were next on the slate once they had their current ones good to go…it’s been a LONG time and I havn’t seen anything on the .25’s so maybe they didn’t work good?


Yes, I did get mine, but I’ve hardly had time to shoot it. I really like the adjustable power wheel. Works like a charm. On high power, it’s really putting out some power. I haven’t had time to shoot it much let alone chrony it, but hopefully, I will be soon. I’ll post more when I know it…. especially about accuracy and ammo.

Just got one of these off the Yellow Forum setup with Scope, pellets and a round ball mould for $400…will get it next week and see what she does!!!

Nuglor, I didn’t see where you’ve posted anything about your Ultra 9mm…what do you think of it? any tips or tricks? mods? favorite pellets/projectiles????

Read the barrel is threaded 12x1mm…I’m wanting to try an offset shroud on one of these Careers too.


Let me see what i can remember here.


1st, the muzzle is threaded. The muzzle protector or thread cap should be backed off about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn, then Blue locktited or even Red Locktite. What this does is relieve the barrel of expansion and deflation due to filling and expelling air in the airtubes. In other words, there is a barrel band that ties the 2 airtubes to the barrel. when you refill or even shoot the gun the air either expands or decreases the size of the airtube therefore affecting the barrel which sits on top of them and is tied to them via the band. Even the muzzle thread protector is tying the barrel to the airtubes then the barrel goes up and down when you refill and shoot the gun. Very simple to do.

2nd, remove the receiver from the gun and take the bolt probe out, what you want to do is to add a piece of shim in between the top of the bolt probe and the receiver where it sits in. The reason behind this is because in stock mode, the bolt probe does not ride true in the receiver. It kinda points UP. If you add shim, it makes the bolt probe ride SQUARE (TRUE) in the receiver. Tim at MAC-1 used COKE CAN for shim. He just cut a strip of it out of a cleaned coke can to fit inside the bolt probe groove and that was it. It WORKS.

3rd, he replaced every oring in the receiver. the ones in the airtube are fine in stock form.

4th, i removed the shuttle. this way i can either shoot long bullets or i can mix different projectiles in the gun and never have a jam. The instruction manual shows you how to do it.

5th, i added shim to the main power spring. I then later replaced it with a stiffer main spring in which i do not remeber the number of the spring…………SORRY.

JEEZ, if i remember anything else i will write it here in this post.

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