Carbon fiber tube link?

I coulda swore I saw a link to a decently priced(definately a relative term lol) online carbon fiber tube store on here but, can’t find it.

Anyone have any place they like to buy their carbon fiber from? It would be for a shroud so probably around 1.25″ OD


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quote XLR8NSS:

I’m thinking a wet ceramic tile saw would do a great job, diamond blade with a water spray to keep the carbon fiber from going nuclear and also keep the dust down. 🙂 Anyone tried it before?

Yes, absolutely a great choice. Cuts very nice but you have to have a good hold on the tube. Some tile saws allow you to cut downward into the table, but most make you set blade depth then push or pull across the tile. Its a bit harder to control the cut that way. Some tile saws use a very thin blade. These cut very well, but go slow or the blade deflects and your cut will not be square.

Best part is MOST of the dust is captured in water, but wear a respirator and glasses anyway. Black snot and sore throat sure to follow if you don’t.

Oh, and if anyone tells you a diamond blade wont cut you, they are sorta right. It grinds thru you and burns like hell.

Taken from archery days cutting cf arrows………..High speed cutoff tool (dremel, rotozip, etc) w/ fine carbide/diamond/abraisive wheel (thinnest cut/kerf possible), mounted to a table and a “v” block of some sort mounted 90 Deg to the cutoff tool. lay the tube in the “V” and turn slowly against the cutter, nice clean and square cut.

Never tried that but I think it is an excellent idea!!! 😯

Good advice from everyone, thank you. I’m trying to think of what in my arsenal of tools I can use to cut this off cleanly. I am a general contractor so I have a few options. 😀

I’m thinking a wet ceramic tile saw would do a great job, diamond blade with a water spray to keep the carbon fiber from going nuclear and also keep the dust down. 🙂 Anyone tried it before?

Speaking of carbon fiber….


Damn those are cool!!! 😯

I’ve cut carbon with a carbide chop saw blade, molten lava is the result, not good and dulls the blade something quick…

Riff has it down, also a jigsaw with a 16+ tooth per inch blade would do a good job, the type used for cutting mild steel, but it would be difficult to make a square cut with a jig saw.

That stuff is ugly on the lungs and skin, take extra care and contain the dust!!!

Carbon fiber is some beautiful and strong stuff!

Wear a respirator when you cut.

http://www.troybuiltmodels.com/WingTubes.htm are not the prettiest…

the look like sanded fabric from that other site…with a clearcoat they do become nice to look at though…

i bought a 3/4″ tube from there…and it was very light, very stiff much more so than aluminium tubing of the same dimensions…seemed like high quality to me
i got another one comming in 1″ tube…

Here is another for you. Make sure when buying, pricing CF that its real and not the knock off variety. This place has 2 varieties uni directional and Fabric. The later is what gives the CF that textured look, uni directional is stronger, and has a cleaner look, but looses that CF look. Might as well look at Fiberglass if that is what your after, be alot cheaper. Also check out cut and bond link, its not hard to work with at all, a guy could get cut offs and go from there. Or if handy and can make some endcaps buy a roll, make the end caps and sell a few shrouds to offset the cost for yourself. I’m sure many would like a CF shroud, looks really slick to my eyes.


The tubing listed looks to be fairly priced. Using them for a shroud shouldn’t be a problem.

Correctly built carbon tubes will stand up to incredible punishment. Ive shot at tubes with my condor with mixed results; I never could penetrate the wall of even a thin tube. Some tube would split, but the pellet never would break thru.

One tube Ive shot many times and every time the pellet blew up and only left a round grey dot on the surface that I would wipe off with a cloth. Impressive stuff.

Be very careful choosing the type of saw to cut carbon fiber. Many saws will cut carbon, but blade choice is critical not only for quality but for safety.

Best tool to cut with is a chop saw with a diamond blade. NEVER use a blade designed to cut wood, the tube can literally explode in your face.

Next best choice is a bandsaw with a fine tooth blade. Cut slow.

If you must use a hacksaw, only contact the tube during the cutting stroke or you will find the blade will wear out very quickly.

Getting a square and flush cut can be difficult, that is why a chop saw is recommended, but ONLY with the correct blade.

Please be careful. 8)

Nevermind I found the link!


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