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Carbon fiber tank from Ali

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    18 cu.ft = 509,7 liters
    118 = 1,93 liters

    The two indications 18 cu.ft (118 stand for “filled volume” before the brackets and “empty volume” or “water volume” whithin the brackets.

    This means that in your case, at ambiant pressure (“empty”) or filled with water (which we all know is incompressible), the tank holds 1,9 liters.
    Once filled with compressed air, it will hold 509,7 liters.
    These 509,7 liters would make for a pressure of 268,26 bar or 3890 psi (with some rounding errors).

    Hope that helps.


    I own the 500cc and have just ordered a 9 liter one so will post my thoughts when it shows up

    quote Cricket:

    Got mine, very high quality :8:

    could you please make same as this picture in measurements

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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