Can you please recommend a reliable but really affordable Chronograph?

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    I am financially broke at this stage, and my ancient Alpha Master Chrony just sort of died on me. I just finished installing new orings on my pcp, and I need to tune again, check velocities and such.

    Sadly, I just read that Shooting Chrony is officially gone.

    The reviews online on the E9800 chronograph is not too promising. Anything else?


    Hyper link doesn’t seem to work, go to Brownell or midway’s website see what you find use that to part number I noticed that the Midway had that one on sale.


    Somewhere around 84 bucks I thought…

    There are some that are somewhat cheaper but not so accurate of course I had one at one time that clamped over the end of the barrel and stuck out past it for the traps but it wasn’t so accurate.

    Did give you the assessment of lower or faster fps… More or less anyway.

    Post on here what you end up getting I’d be curious to see what you find.

    I have a shooting crony, not so happy about hearing that they’ve gone out of business.

    How about one of theirs for years course I continue to shoot mine from one end to the other and end up upgrading each time.

    I have one of their gamma Masters now loaded out with all the stuff to help me keep from shooting the main unit I have the remote readout which allows me to set it down range wherever and set a block of steel in an upward angle to deflect the projectile and problem with my shooting was always low light weather be clouds or getting dark and I would aim as close as I could right above the traps and end up mopping out the whole lower unit there…

    I also bought the LED sky screens so as light gets off or whatever and keep getting errors I would hook up the LEDs and shoot with them and no more issues.

    Want to thank you for letting me know about I’m going out of business but same token sure hate to lose the support they’ve given me over the years.

    Hell I’ve even got software for mine and everything hate the day it comes to having to replace all this…

    Good luck with the hunt look forward to seeing what you get!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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