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Buyer Beware – WTB Ads! – Good conclusion

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    Hi All,

    Just a reminder.  I posted a WTB ad on a forum a few weeks back.  The number of scammers outnumbered the real sellers by 3:1.  One scammer was trying to sell me the same gun I was buying from another person!  Photoshop a few things into the pictures and hope the buyer doesn’t notice the same photos were used over and over.

    Ok.  I finally settled on a gun.  Sent off the payment.  Then I noticed it was the same gun (serial number) used in many of the photo’s on the Talon Tunes pages!  I thought I might have been scammed but hung on for the ride.  Sure enough.  The airgun arrived safe, sound, like new, and the same S/N as the model for sale ads on Talon Tunes.

    BTW, it is the nice .177 Green Laminate Taipan Vet. Std. used as a model on Talon Tunes.   Tony- Still shoots like a laser beam!





    That was great ending..

    Thanks for sharing.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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