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well lads a few off u would have noticed i,ve not been about much and thats down to the fact i,m working alot the now and ave aklot off stocks to do the now so i thought i would give u all a wee shout to say hi and i,m not away for good .i,ll also give u a wee look at what i,ve been upto . hope your all keeping healthy and being good. 😛

first off a stock for a sako quad rimmi

second a stock for a bsa scorpion

and finaly a stock for a cz rimmi

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thanks for your coments lads now here,s the rifle and stock together looking realy nice .


Looking great there Rabbits!!!!!

Wow! That’s just beautiful. I salute your talent and wood working skills.

cheers lads still getting alt off lads asking about other stocks so i,m sure u will c planty more bits from me .

TeflonTron mate at the mo i,ve been useing american black walnut but some asn in the first stock have a good bit off sap wood but thats all i can get my hands onto the now but hopefully one day soon i,ll get some right nice stuff to work on . 😀

Very nice, I’ll be trying my hand at something similar soon with a IZZY-46 😉 . I can only hope it will turn out at least as nice.

Very nice work, Rabbits. Very clean looking on all of those stocks. What wood are you using, and do you plan on making anything in any exotic woods?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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