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    Sorry Camotes2 , i couldn’t stop myself. 😳 😈
    I chucked this together this afternoon. Hope your not offended.It’s just too much of a good design not to expand upon.
    I may have the bottle behind the grip though.

    Its only 17″ long and i may put the scope rails directly on the barrel as most of it sticks out of the front.
    Also ive come up with a way of completley enclosing the breach when cocked. Yet to be perfected but its looking good.
    Anyway, i hope it meets with your approval
    Atb, Sean.


    here we go again sean and i was going to get in contact with u next week to sort my shroud out ah well looks like i,m nackerd there don,t it .lol very nice start mate . 😀


    blodnob, if i bring a bag of coal around to your workshop, will you have a go at making me one of them? also, have you been polishing that ally tube

    quote blodnob:

    I may have the bottle behind the grip though.

    not if i have have my way you wont 😈

    the parrallel sides lookin good tho 🙂

    quote baz:

    also, have you been polishing that ally tube

    Thats off of the machine. You know my theories on polishing.
    Bring a bag of coal and you can make your own. I’ll make cowboy coffe.


    Hey that is pretty shiney, I want to see your breech ideas.
    So if your bottle is behind the grip , it must be a quite a bit lower? My son’s .30 cals’ bottle will have the top of it the same height as the shroud, and be able to pivot to adjust what thickness of cheekpiece he prefers. It is good to see you are not wasting your holiday time anyhow. later


    Sean, you never cease to amaze me, always got a new, better project going. Man i wish i knew my way around a lathe, the wood working is a nice skill to have, be nice if i could fab my own parts as well. I look forward to your progress. 9mm Bullpup fasioned after a AF rig sweet.


    Hey Camotes,
    Managed a couple of hours again today.
    Got the enclosed breach sorted i think.Won’t know untill the trigger is on.
    Basically the hammer and breach run inside a tube that seals up against the valve body on an O ring wich also acts as the detent spring. The cockin bolt is not atached to the breach but to the tube. A dowel locates the breach and moves open and closed with the tube when coking. There’s about a mm over travel on each movment so the tube doesn’t foul the breach when it’s opening the valve.
    It should work ok but please feal free to develop further.
    Just a pic of the bottle mount


    Valve with breach

    With breach n hammer

    Seal tube.It’s steped inside to allow for a bigger dia’ hammer n spring

    Breach inside tube ( ps, all other pics show breach the wrong way around,

    Breach travel on firing stroke.

    …on coking stroke.

    Ready for assembly.


    Assembled and coked.
    Hope you all like ( hope it works )
    Sean. 😉
    <a href=”http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w220/blodnob/?action=view&current=ABCD0001-1.jpg&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w220/blodnob/ABCD0001-1.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>
    <a href=”http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w220/blodnob/?action=view&current=ABCD0002.jpg&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w220/blodnob/ABCD0002.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>


    Sorry, that last bit got a bit wonky, 😳


    yeah blodnob, it would have all gone wonky if i hadn’t come round to your workshop and smacked you on the back of the forehead and told you how to do it right. Have you done my tube yet?


    You can do it in the morning while i poke the fire. Be ready about 10ish.
    If you had a misters lathe you’d be able to do it yer self.


    Very exciting, keep those pics comming. They really make my day.


    Nice design and work as always Blodnob ,be intresting to see how the trigger group is going to work. One thing i couldnt see (or work out on camotes2 gun) is how the air gets to the valve 😕 . Think im missing something or im ive gone abit dim arfter all that hoilday drinking 😀


    once again sean some lovely work welldone .oh mate can u send me the pics off the strip down for the condor so i can get this barrel and stuff sorted for u.when your ready for it mate 😀


    that is looking nice,and you are steaming ahead with it to,wont be long before you will be testing it,hey what caliber is she gona be,or did i miss that,i reckon that frame will be good for one of them .50 barrels? 😈 😈

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