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Hi everyone, my name is Josh. I am just getting into pellet guns, I do shoot and own a couple rifles, one included a savage 17 hmr(wicked accurate stock) and a custom 30-06 long range rifle from a savage 110 action. well anyways Im the kind of guy who would much rather build and put something together himself then buy something, if I can. So my question is, for those who have built their own talon, what do you use for blue prints with dimensions and such? and what are the materials needed, I looked at the quick reference but found the information to be a little confusing for materials. anyways thanks for any info and I am really enjoying this site!


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Wow! thank you for all the help guys!!! I really appreciate it! THis place really is great, i’ll definetely have to stay around! Some forums Ive been too the people just arent that nice about things like this.

Speaking of .308….

Here’s mine


I would rather not try and learn to post something somewhere for someone else, but Antares if you want to see some of the few hundred things I have collected just let me know.

I’ll also send you a CAD drawing of my project. Keep in mind, it is a .308 but will give you a good idea where to start. It’s just the way I’m doing something, not the only way to do something. 🙂

I am making some of the parts for my project from an assemblage of parts, instead of wasting alot of materials. So welding can be a part of your project if you choose to design the parts in that manor.

Antares, just let me know.

Roy S.


You can get free websites and just upload it to there and then provide a link. Most sites dont like files without a link so just make a link to a HTML page thats got a link to the pdf file itself so they dont yank the pdf file shortly after you post it (the html keeps them getting their advertising revenue so they dont mind even if the page is empty other than the link).

Geocities is one that does it. Bravenet.com is another. I like bravenet, here is an example


(There is no trigger mod PDF linked there, as I dont have it, but you get the idea)

Got frame blue prints if you want them ! PM me your email 😀
Any one know how i can post a PDF file and save me having to send this to everyone ?[/img]

I have a friend who has a small machine shop who is willing to make anything I need for me. I dont mind designing everything myelf, but was just wondering if there were better schematics of the gun itself. its too bad there is no welding for this project, I do have a ton of experience TIG welding aluminum (which I did for over 3 years) and stainless steel. Thans for the help though!

Do you own or have access to machine tools?? Lathe and milling machine?


I am collecting parts to build a .308 patterned after the Airforce air gun.

Ther are some great builders and tinkerers on this forum, learn how they are and you’ll learn alot of info.

I have read just about every post on every forum I could find that talks about Airforce air guns.

I purchased a barrel from another forum member, it was made by DAQ.

I purchased a bare tank from Airforce.

I drafted my own design, scaled from photos of the Condor and measurements I have gleaned from other forum members posts about mods. they have made.

The material sellection is up to you, that’s part of desging from scratch.

I’m just about ready to start producing chips, just a couple of more items to be placed on the shelf first.

Go luck and feep reading.

Roy S.

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