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    I have an older condor .25 cal. I use it only for hunting. Not shooting sparrows but out in the field hunting. In the 7 or so years it has taken all kinds of critters for the table and whatnot. Really for small game hunting it is Way more powerful than it needs to be. Tophat is lower than most use from what i see. set at .69…PW usually at zero or whatever the silly wheel says. and still it has taken turkeys at 85 yards. Coyotes with a barracuda EASILY. Completely WAISTED a hog in the yard in september . Granted it was a 1ft head shot, but it rolled him over like a sack of potatoes falling off the truck. This gun is born to be a bigger caliber or a slugged .25 for deer next autumn. What would you guys recommend for a project that is not too tricky. As im the kinda guy who always winds up with extra parts when i go to put something back together…lol…257 or 30?


    257 would be my vote and trying to decide if I should turn my 25 talon ss in to 257


    I’d go .308.

    I am getting a .357 barrel next week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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