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well lads i,ve been busy at it for a mate .he asked me to do him a stock for his bsa lightning xl springer so i took up the challenge. he wanted to pic the wood aswel so i let him but that was my down fall lol .bloody ash and it killing my tools this stuff iis so hard to work .any ways here,sa few slide shows off what i,ve been upto .. hope u like




with this one i,ve had to use a few other power tools such as a dremil drill and a router bloody hard wood


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well it,s near the end off another stock this is the fourth coat off stain .might go another two and then a few coats off dannish and a couple off wax ..


well lads thats it near the end off this one .thankd god u hear me saying lol . two coats off stain today one waterd down one and full on one .got a few more to do but here,s it so far http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z230/stevenb_011/?action=view&current=5c42b7e8.pbw

at the moment mate i,m lucky to get an hour a day but when i can i take it .. 😛

Looks dam good keep up the awesome work. Starting to look forwrd to the seasonal layoff, need more shop time.

well lads as u said i,ll keep u updated .here.s a wee bit i done today


alot left to do .. 😀


Very impressive…. Really looking forward to seeing the finished results! Please keep up posted!

well if a mate ask,s me i,ll try my best to do what i can and if that ain,t good enought i,ll fork out for it to be done again . 😀
i,ve never had to fork out lol 😛

Well done as always. Looks like you have jumped into the deep end and are going for it full bore..

Looks wonderful!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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