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    Although it is not mounted on my Condor(s), I use the Brinkmann Maxfire LX Lithium Zenon for a variety of things. Sure is a powerful little bastard. How does it stack up against these other high powered compact flashlights?

    I almost forgot to tell ya…. they’re only twenty bucks at WalMart, batteries included. Batteries alone cost about $10.00.


    Brinkmans are fine lights.. my local walmart doesnt sell replacement bulbs though, which I why I never got one. I’m also moving to all LED, wont buy a new light that isnt LED or easily converted into one… oh yeah, I also have too many lights and get a look from the wife whenever I throw another one in the cart…

    Only issue I have with them is dont get the ones that claim high output but run off 3 AAA’s… will drain those things fast.

    Streamlight is another good company with cheaper prices than surefire… I’d put it in the middle of surefire and brinkman regarding quality, but they have some great high output lights and the Twin Task series which has high output short runtime xenon bulb combined with low output long runtime LED’s… surefire has something like that called the Aviator… Twin Task costs about $30… Aviator is $150 last I looked….

    Dorcy is another inexpensive brand that makes some nice lights (and some duds.. but oh well). I got a bunch of their single cell CR123 powered 1 Watt LED lights on closeout at sears for just $10….


    yeah the dorcy is great….thanks for that one YN

    1 watt led on 3 AAA’s i got a headlamp like that 16 bucks at lowes, allmost as good as the dorcy, and i still havent changed the batteries in it


    I got 2 3 watt 3AAA flashlites at Sams Club for $30 very bright and for 2 that is a good price.


    A friend of mine turned me on to the Brinkmann a few years ago. We use them to inspect our root pass on the pipes we weld. It is powerful enough to shine forcefully thru a gap of 1/8″ or less providing us with the ability to inspect our welds internally.

    The batteries do not seem to last long for the price paid. 😥


    Anyone know of a “remote pressure switch” for the Brinkman?

    Shaky 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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