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Hey guys. Quick question.

On the breech knob, when it comes from the factory, it has that little plastic piece around it so the breech fits in tight against the frame and tophat. Well, it broke. How important is this thing for consistancy? And, if it matters (mine has a good bit of wiggle to it now) what can I do to fix it?


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I’m thinking about filling in the grooves that the threads made in the frame with JB weld.
I don’t think this one from the hardware store gonna float around to different spots.
What about about a oil-lite bushing ? little brass looking sleeve

I see this is acouple weeks old ( I did a search) , what did you do?

What I did is go to the hardware store and by a nylon bushing. I drilled it out to the size of the bolt and then turned it down to the size to fit in the slot.

You can do this by mounting it on a bolt and then putting it on the drill press or hand drill and use a filed to get it to size.

The used SS I bought had a broken plastic thing that fell off, ended up wearing marks into the slot where the bolt ends up when you tilt it left or right caused by the threads on the cocking handle left exposed by lack of plastic thing.

hummm! Mine has never had the plastic ring.

That little plastic ring measures 0.25″.

I replaced my bolt knob with a .25″ shoulder-bolt. The bolt has a polished .25″ length about 5/8″ long, and a 10-32 threaded end.

Sprayed the thing with teflon before installing. Works great. Not really pretty, but Im working on that.

Not very, so long as the breech makes a tight seal with the Top hat. With the Top hat set <.110” and the breech knob locked to the side, you’ll have a gap between the knob and frame anyway. My guess the plastic sleeve is to protect the frame from wear.

Wiggling suggest worn seals. Have you ever replaced them?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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