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Since my Talon SS does not have a bar guage to know where I am pressure wise, and from always forgetting to keep a count of my shots to know about when to refill, I came up with a solution. I have found that from shooting a string over my chrony, at 40 shots from a full refill, my curve just begins to fall off just past the 40th shot.

I bought one of these little medicine reminders and place 40 pellets into each slot. When a slot is empty, it is time to refill.

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Funny that you mention “40” as the point where your POI drops. I’ve found exactly the same thing.

We use the old 35mm film canisters to store 40 pellets in. When empty, it’s time to refill the air canister.

I like your idea even better – it’s easier to just carry one container than a pocketful of 6!

That would be good to hold a variety of different types of pellets. I currently use the little plastic tubes those crappy Gamo Raptors come in. I can carry several of them in a neoprene gunstock shell holder that slides over the bottle.

The only downfall is you have to buy those crappy Raptor pellets to get the plastic tubes! 😆

That is a really cool idea, could let you know when to give the power wheel a spin also…


Just dont mistake that for your real medication organizor 😯

(Or let anyone else see it.. they might jump to the wrong conclusion)

That is a good idea though. When I go hunting I usually put 30-40 pellets in a little bag I wear around my neck. I keep a tin spare in my backpack just incase I spill the ones around my neck and get left high and dry. But your idea is nice in that it splits the pellets into groups instead of just one big group.

You’re bit hard, arent you? That airgun bug has nailed you… 😆

Great idea actually.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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