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    Alright played with the valve again todaymoved the tophat in to 2.4mm still factory hammer spring, 75g hammer, 21g kodiaks, 12″ barrel. Managed to gain another 20fps with a minimal shot spread. I’ll dial in the tophat just abit more in the future and see what happens just.1mm gained me 20fps its the only thing i changed can’t think of anything else to account for the gain in velocity.

    01. 868.1
    02. 880.1
    03. 878.8
    04. 882.9
    05. 866.7
    06. 881.3
    07. 880.4
    08. 879.4
    09. 890
    10. 887.1 10 shot avg. 879.4 36.2fpe
    11. 869.9
    12. 865.3
    13. 865.1
    14. 874.5
    15. 868.9
    16. 865.2
    17. 862.4
    18. 856.1
    19. 857.3
    20. 851.1 20shot avg.871.5=35.6fpe extreme spread of 38.9fps still under 2 fps per shot πŸ™‚ Eun jins next, we’ll see some higher fpes only have 12 left will pst in a bit.


    Now this is getting closer to my modded talon set up using standard parts albeit string is a bit short. I would think/expect the valve might deliver more.
    None the less making good power.


    It performs better with a stronger spring and a little heavier hammer, tophat adjusted out will give a guy big numbers but more of a shot spread with the largest port restrictor. Just now got back to playing around with it. I could also try a liter valve spring for it, have it in my tackle box too. Might help with some of the soft shots. If it wasn’t for the couple of lower powered shots to begin with the spread would be much tighter. Once the pressure in the tank is in balance with the valve spring the numbers are pretty staedy. Haven’t found the right hammer spring for it either. Been dam cold to go out hunting for parts too, been fine hibernating and working on grips or other AF related stuff. Here is a short string with the last of my Eun Jins.
    01. 774.4
    02. 809.2
    03. 811.9
    04. 813.6 41.7fpe πŸ™‚
    05. 810.9
    06. 802.5
    07. 803.7
    08. 793.9
    09. 791.4
    10. 788.8
    11. 788
    12. 785.4 avg fps. 797.8= 40fpe extreme spread of 39.2
    I’llpost a longer string once i feel i got it where i want it.After 20 shots i’m at 2200psi on my refill gauge. Should give a person an idea of how much air is being used. .

    Mike i would love to see what you’ve done with your Talon valve to get numbers almost equal to this valve. Might me i’m wasting some air with the shorter barrel. Which could be because i tried out the 18″ and got 1006fps with kodiaks this had been after a shooting session very similar tophat setting and string as posted above. With a talon valve and a added 18″ barrel one gains 90fps give or take a few fps. We’ll see, alot of variables and adjustability with this valve.


    Always figure one is Ò€œwastingÒ€


    Mike said:
    Tuning is the whole rig.

    Tell me about it, with Sean’s valve the versatility is endless. I’m out of Jins but am going to install a different valve spring. I’ve had Jins up much higher in the past but with a different configuration valve spring/ hammer spring. Had a 25lb in this week and bent my nice cocking knob 😯 . i was getting numbers a bit higher but had the tophat out to far (2.8mm) so the spread was off and the hammer spring just to heavy. As you look at the string you can see a up and down pattern, i think with a lighter valve spring behind the tophat will even things out. But with my luck this will throw off the nice shot spread i got πŸ™„ . Ahhhh always trying to improve on what is just fine to begin with. Should just quit wasting time and get that 18″ in. Let the barrel length do the work.


    If you can get it to shoot pretty consistent thatÒ€ℒs best it would seem. ItÒ€ℒs the shootin that counts. Then like you say one can always configure the rifle to what sort of shootin you want to do.
    Course in all this the madness continues. 😈 ❗ πŸ˜€


    Nice string Bodhisdad and out of a 12″ barrel……………….sweet πŸ™‚


    Here’s my 2 cents.
    i started making these valves a few years ago cos i saw what i thaught to be a shortcoming in the origonal design. That problem being ( in my opinion only ) the position of the valve spring. It occured to me that the further the standard valve opened, the more coil bound the spring became. The air has to find a path through the coils of the spring to exit. But as the spring compresses, the path is more and more resticted. So i put the spring on the low pressure side. Problem solved.
    Ive tried all sizes of stem ID from 2mm to 13mm. I settled on 4mm (for .22) as that continued the power available from what the standard “moded” valve produced. I dont think any one’s going to get much more than the guys on this forum from the standard layout valve.
    Nor from the ones i do, without putting more energy in.
    It seems peaple are a bit lothe to put stronger springs in and use heavy ( 100gram +) hammers and use over 190-200 bar.
    Newtons 3rd ❓ law. You put more energy in, you get more out. I dont think high fps/ftlbs can be reasonably expected with standard springs and hammers on mine or standard moded valves. If you want to get more out, you have to put more in. It’s physics.
    Try a .25 with a 120g hammer , a spring that’ll break yer thumb and run at 300bar ( not recomend) and see what you get from a moded valve n one ov mine.
    As for consistancy, well , these guns are dogs. They’re poorly made, unrefined shooting “tools”. And thats why i love em. You are what you shoot kinda thing πŸ˜• . If any of us was really that finiky over QC and constancy we’d all have steyrs or HW’s or summet similair and be griping about the .0001fps spread or somthing really trvial ( have you seen BBS). All any of us are doing is making the best of a bad job. And avin fun in the proccess. At least thats what i do.
    Well thats my 2cents worth. Hope it explains why i think my valve is only equal to a moded AF/GP unit but with the ptential for better things.
    Atb, and sorry for goin on so long, Sean. 😳

    sorry again, this should,ve gone on TedQ’s thread. 😳 😳 😳


    Sean, i’d say the valve performs above that of a modded talon valve. Cygsx doesn’t get that kind of energy from a modded Talon valve. Don’t know what Mike has all done with his valve but its a rare one if it makes that kind of energy. 30-32fpe is about all i can get out of a modded talon valve. So to get 35fpe avg. using a standard hammer spring and a pretty consistent string i think the valve is great. If anything its the 12″ barrel which is hurting me the most. I know i gain some extra air when using the 18″ and the numbers will show that when i drop it in. Its a great valve, like having the high flo, Talon and micro meter all in one.


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