i wanna bait some squirrels from personal experience which should i get. shelled corn or black oil sunflower seeds?

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yea, whats up Tony. like the site. trying to find some tree rats to shoot. unlike some of you there are absolutely none in my yard. i have access to the woods that my neighbor owns but them lil bastards aint showing themselves. 👿 i need some tree rats to shoot

Yo Isaac,
Is that you Bro…..?

ive had shelled corn in the woods where a seen a couple squirrels for about a week. i dont think there are as many squirrels in that spot so i bought some black oil today and put that in a different spot a lil farther in the woods. my buddy says the woods near me is loaded with squirrels but i only ocassionally see a couple squirrels. trying bait at different places to see where i can get the most squirrel activity.

Try regular bird seed. There’s a reason you see so many pics of squirrels on bird feeders. This will also draw in birds you wish to eradicate. AKULA

ok thanks teflon. i,ll pick up some black oil.


CygnusX recommends Black Sunflower seeds and has very good success with them. I haven’t used them myself, but have been having good success with Honey Roasted Peanuts (God knows why my wife bought them…blergh!)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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