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Birds Legally Killed in the USA

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    Thanks for the post. In VA you can hunt crow 3 days a week, or is it 4?…They are very smart and a heck of a challenge with an air rifle.



    Hi, where I live there are plenty of starlings. So I contacted Fish and Wildlife and they said:
    “Yes, we don’t want them, but you can’t shoot them. You can destroy their eggs, though”
    What? Do you mean I can’t shoot the damn pests but you want me to climb a tree and smash the eggs?

    About the crows, I think that when there are too many they ravage farming fields and they eat a lot of the feed.
    I’ve never shot one. Always get one on the cross-hair, but I’ve never pulled the trigger.

    I heard the crow’s breasts are awesome though, once you get a good dozen of them 🙂




    Crows are nest stealers , they will kill and eat many different types of baby birds that can not yet fly from the nest . They also like to kill
    and eat Humming Birds .




    Here in Nevada, crows and ravens destroy the nests of the Sage Grouse. Petitions have been made to take ravens off the protected status and a season made to help keep their numbers in check. If the Sage Grouse gets listed here in Nevada, it will be the end of most hunting. Tom



    awesome :ugeekn: :ugeekn: Thanks for sharing bro

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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