big thanks to ..

anthony 266 for getting me onto the site

don’t want to dwell on all the reasons,but as i said to him id clung onto the tog for too long
one day i looked and the brotherhood had left home and moved away and i was livin in an empty shell,
hope you guys are as cool as mr266 with me,i feel i didn’t give you all the support when you needed it and i feel dam crap for that,
but im here now (if you’l put up with me)

chat soon guys


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well done all you guys for making this the best site around,a site where you dont find any beef,just nice positive info,welcome jj,and thanks again you guys, 😆

Yo Yo JJ.

Happy you made it brother, you have always and always will be one of the “Good Guys”

Welcome home

thanks guys,
i already feel at home 😀
its always funny how many emotions this tinternet can put you through 😉 😀


JJ; Welcome. I left the TOG as an active member but I check back occasionally to see if there is anything going on. We both know the answer to that. AKULA

Always nice to have an O.G back !


Good to see you here. I, too, hung on for as long as I could.

I think you’ll find this place just like home.

Your and Oldie and a goodie. You are more then welcome here and you are amongst old friends. No worries….If we let Bodi on we will let just about anyone…LOL

Welcome home JJ

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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