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    Been checking out the site here and find lots to read and see:)
    I also see many people here I seem to remember from long ago…
    Still need lots of time figuring out where and how to work all the goodies here on this site. Work gets in the way with all this somewhat:)

    I am also in need of some custom made parts that I will have all spec’d out for you to machine out for me if you are willing… No hurry on these really as I am still messing around with some of this just yet to have some sort of idea as to what exactly I want to try.


    Hey Rowdy, nice to see you here !


    Hey Rowdy! yea nice to see you!! Hope all is well down in TX…

    DUDE LOVE the little H&K Movie!!!!!

    What’s new?

    Jim…formerly Jamesshaw89


    “If you build it, they will come”

    Welcome home Rowdy….we are almost all here.


    Thanks for the warm welcome here guys, not so sure what all went down while I was gone with you guys and the TOG really. Guess I would have to say I am glad I missed out on all that just the same :):):)

    Jim, you still over on the other side of the big pond dude??? Not that its any of my business, just hope your 6 is all covered if so:)

    The HK avatar is kind of a neat little sucker I thought, fits my way of justice to the “T” since our justice system in the USA, as a whole doesn’t work so well unless your a lawyer or part of that system somehow, they all have job security; thats fur sure :):):)

    I know I may be a little rough around the edges and up the middle portion, but I will take care of my corner half, or whatever I was suppose to do:):):) From me and mine, to all of you and yours; thanks for a warm welcome again guys and I hope for a great new year for all of us…


    Welcome Rowdy,

    Good to see you here Buddy.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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