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As I have mentioned here before, the used AirForce bi-pod I bought just isn’t cutting it, it’s so wobbly. I’m thinking about a Harris, or equal quality one. Is there a Harris one that attaches right to the dovetail like the AirForce one does? If not, is there a adapter available that goes to the dovetail that the Harris will attach to? I’ve seen the ones that attach to the fore stock, but it seems you have to drill into it to attach. I’m trying to stay away from doing that, but if I have to, I will. I’d like to be able to easily detach from the gun when putting it in foam case.

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I got the swivel stud mount, but the Harris won’t fit because of the knob on the side.

Am I doing somethinq wrong?


Mike L.

I’m basically a paper puncher/target shooter, so accuracy is paramount with me. Like you though, I definitely need more practice without it. In fact, I would never consider hunting without some kind of rest to put the gun against, if I’m not confident of a clean kill, I won’t bother trying. Hopefully with more practice, I won’t be so damn shakey without it.

I guaranty they will. I love shooting from my bipod quarter sized and smaller groups from aways out. I should spend more time shooting offhand as well, its good practice and one shouldn’t be fully dependant on a bipod. But for paper punching its the way to go if your a accuracy nut, like me 🙂 .

Thanks guys, I’ll do just that. Definitely sounds like the way to go. I’m willing to bet my groups will improve with a more solid foundation.

Like Dan said use a use the swivel stud mount. The harris and clones are heavy and will put stress on the foregrip if attached there.

You can attatch it to the airforce swivel stud mount.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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