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    What would the best scope for a air rifle, shots out to 50 yds+,
    I have a Mueller APT scope, 4.5x14x AO with vertical hash dots,
    I can mount on a Condor 22 caliber? rifle.

    Any scope around this range that would work OK.




    Why not mount that scope and give it a try Don?

    I have been looking at Rudolph, Mueller and Athlon(Argos Which gets high marks for $400)and other brands at a price point of $600-$1000.

    I am really liking my MTC Viper 5X30 on my .25 Talon!

    Oh and I have about 7 pair of 30mm scope rings in trying to find the right height with the talon tunes drop adapter! LOL!



    Thanks, Rrdstarr

    I have been told NOT to use any rimfire rifle scope on an air rifle, as it can tear the internal lens out of them etc.
    I am also wondering about the scope height issues etc, with the stock OEM tanks mounted the way they are,
    I am hoping that there is a work around for dropping the air tank down an inch or so,
    as I am long necked/armed and have a problem fitting a scope for me on my CF rifles etc.

    The Condor I am looking at, has the Hawk scope (4x16x50mm) mounted right down on the top of the OEM dovetail rail,
    just using what appear to be very low ring bases, the 50 mm obj lens just clears the front angle of the OEM scope rail.

    What ring set is the one you found that works the best?




    I think I would use no “cheap” rimfire scope on a Springer rifle. They have a fore and aft recoil that breaks reticles. PCP’s “recoil” like powder-burners.

    But Yes, Hawke and MTC are purpose built air gun scopes.

    -Rick….not rrdstarr please! LOL!



    Sorry about that, have fat fingers and a key board just don’t work well sometimes
    besides being OLD.

    Does dial up’s work with a AR, I don’t know much about the pellets flight, PSi levels etc,
    or is the pellets flight flat enough to just use a hold over with the cross hairs, at XYZ ranges etc?

    I am just getting into AR and the ballistic end for shooting etc, I have a V-3 chrono that will work with pellets etc,
    Trying to find some info/post about this area.

    I use dial up’s on all my Powder rifles/pistols etc, works very well out to 800+ yds for Rock Chucks/Yeller Dogs.




    Hey Don,

    I used to shoot prairie poodles and rock-chucks back growing up in MT and when I would come home on leave. Used a .220 Swift in a Remington 700 action.

    Yup you can dial up and down on the vertical turret but I always use a range card and knew what the holdover or under was. US Army taught me that. BUT with the new MTC viper I won’t have to do it anymore. http://mtcoptics.com/viper-pro/



    Hello! I recommend power scope with variable magnification form atn. I use atn x-sight II hd 3-14x (https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-weapon-sight). This scope is relatively inexpensive and very reliable.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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