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Best 4500 psi compressor ?

Home Forums General Compressors, tanks and pumps Best 4500 psi compressor ?

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    I’ve been out of this forum for a year or two but anytime I have a question about air gun stuff, I know this is the place to start!

    I’m looking for an economical way to fill to 4500 psi. I know there’s always the shoebox and a shop compressor but now I see that there are some Chinese 4500 psi compressors for around $200. I would love to get away with only a few hundred bucks but I don’t know anything about these cheaper Chinese compressors.

    Your direction would be greatly appreciated!


    They work ok you just need to baby them. I fill my pony bottle from 2700 psi to about 3500 PSI let it cool and then top off to 4400 PSI.


    No issues there. I wouldn’t be using it that much. What parts are needed in order to fill to a standard foster fitting?

    Do they come with everything necessary to “water cool”?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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