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    Might be a lot of fun but it´s butt ugly. That one makes the Beluga look like something from an Italian House of Designs.



    I posted these comments at GTA but let’s put them in here as well:

    Baffless shroud, sounds rather interesting. Will it work or not? I’d like to see the exploded diagram.

    3 lbs non adjustable trigger. Not exactly what I would like to see but I guess that’s OK for hunting guys. This is probably something that can be improved.

    It seems that there’s the Korean style dropping power curve. Still 900 fps / 170 fpe with 95 grain bullets is OK and I bet with some tuning we could get 5 flat shots at 880fps /160 fpe, well at least I could do that with my Blizzard when it was tuned for 180 fpe.

    That plastic cover reminds me of the Nightstalker. That gun is a royal PITA to take apart and put back together. I hope they didn’t use the same type construction with this gun.



    I’m not real happy with the unregulated fps of 850! That Nosler slug is way too heavy for what most of us shoot. Leave it up to Crosman to design a North American pcp to shoot African animals…makes me wonder if their design staff were born with their heads permanently up their asses! I’ve said before that I don’t have a Kudu problem here in Toad Suck, Arkansas. I do have coyotes, deer, and smaller critters that need killing.

    There’s not a thousand dollar gun there. It wouldn’t cost them much to regulate it and push that fat slug’s fps up to 950 – 1000 fps. Then you would have a gun worth what they are asking.

    I listened carefully to the videos and it didn’t seem to have much of a report. That shroud volume is equivalent at least two round shrouds, perhaps three.

    What I really wonder is whether it can have it’s transfer port opened up, a heavier hammer spring installed, a 100-120 grain slug used, and some other general adjustments to turn this beast into a real hammer. Crosman always seems to be one brick short of a load when it comes to making a complete package.




    Regulating a bigbore is not very smart thing to do, the required low pressure chamber size seriously limits the shotcount making the regulatot futile. Based on the power figures we’ve seen you can push lighter bullets at 900+ fps with bulldog.


    As rkr says,….unnecessary,
    you not looking for a 70 shots string, at that power you looking for about 1/2 dozen shot, a good string can get done with no regulator, actually it will be better without.



    I bow to the experts in this matter.

    I believe dropping down to a smaller soft lead slug will solve the problems and shortcomings with the Bulldog. The Nosler is not a wise choice for normal use in our part of the world.

    I’m giving it some serious thought…though I might wait till one is sold on the Yellow. I just don’t think it’s a good value at $1000 USD. The Hatsan rifle in .357 can be had for $750 new and it’s putting out about 95 fpe. Plenty for what I want to do, which is thin the deer population that is out of control in our little mountain village. They are already organizing “Urban Hunts with bows and crossbows. Lots of car/deer accidents this year.



    I think the BullDog will shine with ammo in the -/+ 100gr range,
    for what you need to do the 130 FPE Rainstorm at 900 bucks is perfect than,
    I would pass on the Hatsan, underpowered, long, big , heavy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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