Beeman P 11 question, what would you do…

I know I know , I was told to break it in as its a springer.
Well I have tried a LOT of pellets through it ( Thanks Mike)
but the pellets hit side ways on a target out to 30 feet , and the group is like five inches ,
I really do not need 30 feet as this is my new rattle snake gun , One to three foot shots,
BUT i paid almost 600 dollars for this gun, I almost ordered a 177 or A 20 CALIBER Barrel for this gun,, BUT< BUT<
I paid 600 bucks for this gun why should I fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought it through Pyramydair, about two months ago.


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Thanks guys for your reply’s
Looks like its going to be fixed under warranty, Or they say there going to take a look at it.
Should E mail me with a number and a return address tomorrow,
I do not expect one hole groups at 30 feet , Just the fact there is no group and the pellet is turning side ways.
Looks like I bought the gun 10-26-17, Time fly’s.

Good thinking Bogman,
I have never had good groups with it, But when I started picking up the pellets they were flat on one side.
That tells me the pellet is turning side ways in the air, There is no rifling marks on the pellet.
A few of the pellets fit real tight in the bore, but still hit sideways,,,
I have a email into Pyramydair ,
I did have a 177 and a 20 cal barrel on order, But why should I fix there mistake on my money?
My Beeman PI and my tempest will shoot rings around this gun.
I must have just got a bad one, and the reason it took a couple of months to figure it out was the , ITS a springer you have to break it in,

I’d call Pyramyd and explain all you’ve done, with pellet experimenting, etc. Ask for a replacement and ask for a refund if the replacement is also bad.

First, look for the obvious stuff: dirty or loose barrel, probe bent, etc.

With all the good reviews out there, an exchange may be in order. Hint: whenever I do an exchange, I make a tiny pencil mark, somewhere out of sight, and record that mark/spot, just to make sure you don’t get the same thing back. For car/truck part replacements, I usually use a punch on the part to be removed, make a pencil/paper rubbing, then cover it w/ engine grime. Caught a crooked mechanic that way; cleaned off my old oil pump and tried to tell me it was new-until I showed him the paper and punch marks!

Gamo makes a .22 ex20 shotshell holds 25 #9 shot. Maybe you can find a .22 smooth bore barrel. You can sell it for less money or take a sledgehammer to it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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