Ballistic Coefficient of .22 Predators?

I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to find the bc of the Predators, to have something to punch into a program. Anybody know? I understand it’s high, but this silly computer thinks it needs a number. Try typing “high” into the box and it gets all stabby on me. Thanks in advance, fellas.

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That’s why I work for myself! My band saw table is my shooting bench!

I’,m Love’n it!

Thanks for the help. For the purposes of my calculations, I guessed .022, so it looks like I was pretty close. Some site I found showed the .177 Predator to be .018, so I just kinda figured that the fatter .22 would be a little lower (higher?). Anyway, I’m having a blast with the TSS. Familiarized myself a little with adjusting the tophat today, and will probably chrony some tomorrow. I’m fortunate to have shooting priviledges at work, and a boss that’s quite a fan of all things gun. (He has a Dillon 650 progressive reloading bench right in his office. That’s pretty hardcore.) Between the toys we already have, and the little Sherline mill and lathe we’re just now setting up and playing with, we might be able to do some pretty cool stuff with my little rifle.

Geez, I’m really running on. Having a blast though!

I just went out and figured the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of the JSB Predator 16.2g pellet on the Chairgun BC calculator.

I come up with .023

Figures are:
904 fps at 0yrds average of 3 shots
810 fps at 20yrds average of 3 shots

Might try placing a call to the Predator help line / customer service. And if you find out what it is could you post it up for all to see.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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