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    Backyard plinking with my Maruader .25
    Exploding Aspirin @ 40+ yrds!
    Nextime it’s going to be .177 Condor and LifeSaver Candy.
    Going to attempt to punch a hole in the paper through the center of the LifeSaver Candy without blasting the candy ring into smitherings…
    The Aspirin blow up in a nice puff of white powder dust when they recieve a direct hit.
    Each of the Aspirin are affixed in rows and columns on brown craft paper. High viscosity Cynoacrylic Super Glue adhesive securely bonds each aspirin permanantly to the craft paper. In other words they stick good. Good enough that a near miss will not upset the bond or cause aspirin to drop away or fall off the paper before recieving a direct hit.. My first target I used hot melt glue which worked ok but a few aspirin were lost due to near misses….
    After two pages of Aspirin Targets, @ 40+ yrds, I pretty much got it down to dusting em in the first shot.

    Ever since owning a .257 airgun, I have been rather spoiled. All my shooting and interest in shooting, revolving strictly around punching paper with the .257! Cast Bullets blazing through the air in my backyard just isnt very comfortable activity. I do however own other options that I have been neglecting. This weekend was all about backyard plinking!
    I have owned the .25 Maruader for at least a year without ever doing anything with it. I also had a collection of spare Condor parts loosely assembled into a .177 but never fully dialed in or set up for shooting.
    This weekend both spent time in my backyard spewing .177 and .25 pellet fodder….
    With a golden screwdriver, a bit of blue locktite and misc. paraphernalia,,,,,, Both recieved a unscientific tuning for accuracy and moderate backyard power.
    Zero’d at a target distance chosen for convienence. It later laser’d out and was determined to be a range of 127′-8″ or approx 43yrds (Doh! Not really the best distance or number to calculate or base future ballistics upon!) Damn if I dont feel ignorant of the metric system! Apologies worldwide for being an ignorant son of an imperialistic airgunner.
    I am beyond pleased with such painless accuracy! These guns are seriously capable of the performance and accuracy that I enjoy.
    I am having ideas that I might be able to consruct a more proper shooting area within the appropriately safe’d off confines of my backyard. There is a possibilty of stretching it to 70yrds. I would incorporate more obvious measures to secure the confidence and reduce any disturbance to the nieghbors. I already suspect a vibe whenever the nieghbor realizes i am shooting. I believe they are reluctant to mention it. This weekend was the most obvious and continuous shooting I actively done. I’d like to secure there confidence and cooperation before I push my luck too far.
    I am open to how others conduct “backyard friendly” shooting activities.
    I suppose the most legit would be to secure a building permit for a private residential range, but surely that would be beyond my means! :6:


    Paintballs on golf tees are a blast too!


    I tried to shoot the middle out of the center of a lifesaver candy without damage to the candy…. It just didnt work. While i was able to score a shot placement in what appears to be where the center once was,,, I still ended up with exploding collateral damage to the candy ring.
    Also at this point, my .25 Mrod is much easier to shoot accurately and appears much much more consistient than the .177 Condor. Not saying the Condor isnt accurate, it’s just that I experience bigger overall groups as well as the occasional wayward errorent flier on my targets. I can probably attribute it to my shooting technique. The Condor isnt as exactly ergonomic nor the stock generation 2 trigger anywhere near as smooth when compared to the fine tuned mrod trigger! Apples vs oranges anyways,,,, I also gotta figure on putting the different scopes into the equation too. Gotta a Hawkes vs BSA……….
    I will work on the .177 , put it on the chrony too as i probably need to back it down a bit and might reduce those flyers . I am shooting Premiers in the.177 and the .25 is H&N heavy something or another.
    Also need to build better range. Afraid I am going to piss off my next door neighbor. I really pushed it last night shooting until 10pm and running my gas powered compressor to refill my scuba tank!!!!! :4:
    Oh yeah , definately want to get ahold of some Paintballs and golf tees. Much less time than gluing targets onto paper to plink at!


    Excellent shooting, I zeroed my AFC at 25 yards with 15g premiers and didn’t stop until I had one hole at that distance this was from a rested position and I kept the charge at 2800 so every couple shots I refilled as this was the closest we could get to regulated shooting (of course each shot didn’t have the exact same PSI) it was an advantage none the less.

    Make sure you zero your rifle/scope at the highest magnification, a lot of errors are the result of scopes not being at the highest magnification when zeroing.

    How scopes really work and what not to do when adjusting them

    I did the same thing with my 100 yard groups keeping 2800 PSI in the tank so the 8 shot group that measured .64″ was done from a rest but I refilled after 4 shots, then the 5 shot group of .46 at 100 yards was from a rest & I refilled after 3 shots.

    I like 25 yards as it’s close enough to be very accurate and you still have distance so work on one hole at 25 yards then you know your rifle is zeroed then move it out further, I used very high magnification but remember with high magnification you have to remain perfectly still or any movement will be magnified.

    Good luck & looking forward to seeing you center the lifesavers 🙂

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