Back in the saddle again

Hello, back in town and finally got my condor back from Timw. I have had quite a time trying to get this rig in shape and acceptable for hunting/pest control. It seemed that every time I tried to adjust it, I took two steps back.

Now I have the crony up and have been testing it out. starting to look promising. (so are my arms from all the pumping!) I decided to try to get the tophat adjusted first by setting the power wheel all the way up, the one full turn back. I then shot one 19 shot group as is with the factory set top hat. I found out soon the the tophat was ridiculously set to high.(20 shots averaging 3bar a shot) 1195 fps-1084 fps using crow mags.So on my second string set the tophat to .80 from the base of the hat to the bottle. That also averaged 3 bar a shot. 1154-1073 using crow mags. Then I set the top hat to .60 and got a average of 2 bar a shot and the string was 1162-1114! I am using these because they are not normally accurate (wish they were) and have lots of them. I plan to sight-in kodiacs and en-juns because they are reputably accurate. and if I can find this curve then sight in for them on max.(the power wheel)

What I have always wanted from this rig is a use of a full bottle fill and curve in velocity to start marching down after some plattoe in witch i can get sought in and accurate.

my question is how do you guys that have cronys and .condors with the current factory bottle (they have updated the valve since I bought this gun) get in the way of shots per fill? Any idea where I should go from hear?

What is the average deviation you expect from you condor? My last adjustment started and ended above 1100. Is this about par with you guys?

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