”awesome preowned condor just arrived” How far can….?

Condor has a 12” barrel and has been made whisper quiet by some UK gun smith and the trigger is amazing. Im running low on air right now but it still groups tight out to 50yrds. my question is when im gased back up to around 2700psi how far can expect to cleanly kill squirrell size game? Im shooting logun 20gr. penetrators as long as they last. I am so thsyched about this gun! 😛

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Adam, what cal. is the 16″ bbl?



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Adam, what cal. is the 16″ bbl?


what does peacock taste like?????? 😆

I’ve hit squirrels and magpies out to 80+
yards. Every animal that I shoot is pest control

These Condors kick ass.

Sweeeeet! 😀

I just whacked a Crow 80 yards away with my Talon with 16″ barrel and modified valve. Your Condor will do that easily and much more.

I have shot squackers with my boltaction .22mag at 100yrds+. but that far down range I did’nt know what to expect out of this gun as far as killing power. the only other air gun I own is a spring powered RWS model 34. Its very effective on rabbits out to 30yrds, but squirrels dont always fall with one shot. the 80yrd crow shot answered my Question, they are very tough birds. Thanks Rob.

I just shot two 5 shot groups at 95 yards last week. One with 14.3 Crosmans. One with 21.1 Kodiaks. The cp’s went 1 1/2″ and the Kd’s. just slightly under that. The Cp’ had a drop of 7.” and the Kd’s 7.5 with a 2900 fill, 18″ bbl, in a talon ss frame, and a moded Talon valve. Re-shot the test with 2500 lbs. of air. Drop was 7.5+” for the Cp’s, and 8″ for the Kodiaks at this fill pressure. The zero was at 50 yds. 10-15 mph cross wend. No bench. But rested the forearm in my hand which was resting on a work bench seat. Butt of gun un-supported other than sholder. Got’ta be better in calm wind, and off a bench. Your Condor should be able to stretch out a little better than this!!! MIke

How far can you hit the KZ on squirrel sized game?

I’ve taken a couple crows at 80+ yards with my Condor….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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