Auto pump idea

I’m sure this has been thought about before but, I didn’t see any post on it.

What if you took a regular high pressure hand pump and motorized it.

I’m thinking you could use a wheel with the diameter of the pump travel. Connect the handle of the pump to the wheel at the pump stroke diameter. The pump base would be mounted to a pivot so that the shaft of the pump could remain straight as the wheel turned. A shaft through the center of the wheel would be hooked to a gear reduced electric motor in order to get something like 30 rpm or so. That would be one complete pump every 2 seconds. All of that would be mounted to a common base of course.

The pump could be hooked to a stationary distrubution pipe with a microbore hose so that your gun didn’t have to be so close to this monstrous setup. 😀

Seems like you could get away with something like this relatively cheap compared to a real electric or gas hpa pump. This would probably be best for a person with one or two guns that doesn’t shoot a ton. I imagine the pump might wear out sooner since it would probably be getting used more than if you had to use it by hand.

I need to figure out the loads and what size motor would be needed.


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Ive seen those and even considered it. I was looking for something low budget though. By the time Im done with mine I will have spent around 100 bucks for everything.

Hydraulics on a Booster is on my back burner. For boosting depleting tanks to get a full fill no matter what the tank pressure.
Bought the parts to build it but have not made any chips yet. 🙂

Don’t forget those pumps have to complete a FULL cycle. On an FX pump that’s about 18″ in AND 18″ out. Multiple pumps add to the cost of the project and could violate the sacred “redneck” $$$ philosophy! :mrgreen:
Anyone kicked around the idea of using hydraulics? 💡

Because the actual final pump stage is super short, only a couple inches of travel, you could run three or maybe evey four pumps and never have your pump drive see more than one final pump stage at a time. The way Im building my pump it would be fairly easy to convert mine to a multi pump unit. The pump arms would look like a camshaft in an a car.

I love it… Redneck engineering at its best! 😆

Someone posted about running two pumps in tandem. Couldn’t you mount two pumps at opposite sides of the wheel (one at twelve, one at six o’clock) and either fill twice as fast or, slow it down a bit and never have to worry about over heating?

3-4 min. if I don’t let the pump cool off.

great idea. what’s your fill time from 2000-3000psi?

quote LostSailor:

Is overheating of the pump an issue with the non-stop cycling?

Good point. Yes I let it cool down some (10 min.)when it gets warm at the base of the pump. From a 2000-3000 PSI fill one cooling period is all I do. It doesn’t get THAT hot but what the hell. 8)

Is overheating of the pump an issue with the non-stop cycling? I figured I’d put an interval timer on the electric motor so it would cycle, pause, cycle, etc. Adding a bit of heat sink like radiator fins to the pump might help as well.

my .02

EDIT: Sorry, I see the overheating issue was discussed in the linked thread. If geared right it looks like overheating has not been a problem on Martin’s rig.

Not without getting hot and kicking it’s internal thermal breaker. With
help it would pump to 3000 but an electric has zero starting torque and 1/2 HP was a tad small. There are some pretty high forces to overcome on this unit. I think a 1HP + would work OK with good air flow but that gas motor was too close to me and a wrench! :mrgreen: It just idles through 3000 PSI without even tickling the governor. AND I like to huff the fumes! 😈

It wouldnt pump to 2000 psi before you put the gas motor on it?

quote get the blue jay:

here’s is the link to the red neck pump…


1/2HP 1725 RPM electric doesn’t even come close to pumping >2000 PSI!
I’m cookin’ with gas now thank you–5.5 HP Kawasaki!
Ripped it off my son’s go-kart–sshhhhhhhh. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the link that is pretty cool.

here’s is the link to the red neck pump


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)

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