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I HATE YOU !!!!! I was going to buy that shroud extension……. LOL

Good deal you got there. Was that built by Anthony266 by chance?

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Thanks nug….. I am pretty sure it is one of Anthony’s…Like I said it was a friend of a friend needing money deal…I can’t be 100 percent positive but it is tough….. and aligned very well…..was going to post it here but work has had me slammed lately very short on time…..

I am going to build another set tomorrow for my brothers SS. I will make photos as I go and post the how-to’s on here tomorrow. Stay tuned….. It’d be easier doing this than trying to explain right now.

Hey Trigger man! What did you do to change your baffel design? Still playing with mine. Will need a new set up for the 18″‘er If I can ever get it ordered! Mike

Yeah, I still have to prime it and paint it flat black. Just one more thing to put on the “to do” list. 😆

LOL…….. I’m just messing with you. I guess I just missed seeing it the day before.

I emailed Jim late this morning about it and he said it had already sold. When I went back to look at it again, you had just posted that you would take it. Sweet deal you got on that one.

Hey bro… don’t be a player hater! That post was on the yellow forum for a good 18 hours before I commited to buying it and he accepted. Got it for $130 shipped and it definately looks like one of Tony’s. Right down to the grooved end cap. Baffles included. 😆

No, I talked to several who either knew about them or had used them and most seemed to concur that it really did not do what they were after. I have since redesigned my baffling and got really good sound reduction from that, so for now, I am content with that.

Hey Triggerman, did you ever buy that $48 frame extender?
If so, how did/do you like it?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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