*Attention…..Lets protect our members*

We have a For Sale section here on the TAF and if someone wants to post an item for sale or a service then so be it. It is there for everyone to view and evaluate. That is why we have it. Members need to be aware of some who will offer you help through a PM for $$$

Remember unless you trust a person implicitly do not take them up on an offer to work on your gun for Money or for Free!….Shit happens and guns and people disappear. It has happened in the past and it will happen again.

For those who have a business like Talon Tunes, TimW, Leupy, Airhog, Axiom Lemak etc. Their reputations are known and you have to make your own decision to do business with them.

When it comes to members asking for $$$ for services…BE VERY CAREFUL.

Just a friendly warning.

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In no particular order –

Tim Wilson / TimW – http://www.custombrakz.com

Lee Mcaffee (sp?) / Axiom Lemak – http://www.axiomlemak.com (Dead link, I think he quit)

Leupy – http://www.leupyscustomshop.co.uk/

Anthony266 – http://www.talontunes.com

Alan Zasadny – doesnt do online and I think he’s moving from IL so I’ll post info when I find out what his working info is.

These three sell retail and offer custom work –

Air Hog (Van) – http://www.airhog.com

Steve at PAG – http://www.pomona-airguns.com

Tim Mac-1 – http://www.mac1airgun.com/

i know that there is a website of Talon Tunes
but is there a website for TimW, Leupy, Airhog or Axiom Lemak ??
sorry for my stupid question….heheheh

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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