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    got a hold of one to try….

    was impressed with features, tilt, angle…recording etc…. night time mode worked quite well in surburbia….but imho thats the best that can be said…flashlight was good too

    what i didnt like

    *slow digital zoom…why didnt they make it optical

    *focus dial is stupid tight, and it takes very fine adjustments to focus…and thats hard to do when its that tight….but i could live with it

    *screen too bright even on low, took my eye several minutes to regain its night sensitivity

    *flashlight takes cr123….argh…why not 18650

    *now to the worst of it….you can set night sensitivity…on high its very sensitive but now theres a lag between what happening in front of you to it gets beamed into your eye…on high this was useless for hunting as lag was close to ½ a sec, and rat or mouse will have passed the crosshairs by the time the picture is shown to you…medium it gets a little better….on low better yet but we are still talking quarter of sec…too much imho

    *even in daylight thats s slight delay

    *eats battery i got less then an hour on some really good rechargeable AA’s

    *heavy….really heavy…completely threw my aa410 off balance….on the talon SS its was the same…very topheavy…on ar15 it wasnt as pronounced though

    *picture smears when your tracking something day as well as night


    it was fun to try….but i cant recommend …most of its faults i can live with…but the lag i cant

    i am gonna mod some of my quadcopter fpv stuff (as i already have it) and see where that takes me…those cameras are IR sensitive…and i already got the googles…so im contemplating mounting a camera behind scope with a little low power transmitter and use my goggles as screen


    (*slow digital zoom…why didnt they make it optical)

    Well they can’t :rofl:

    As in all nv it has always been a fight for more light. The FOV of a 3X scope is far wider than the FOV of a 9X
    You need that larger FOV to suck in as much light as they possibly can.
    Thus the digital zoom, it zooms in on the light/picture already captured by the 3X lens
    A 9x optical zoom would decrease the FOV and amount of light making it useless.

    Optical rules daytime/digi rules night

    Thanks for the review, as I did not realize the time lag was so bad.
    The time lag, I think what they call night really slow the shutter stays open longer it gathers more light.
    But now you have a crummy jerky picture with lag.. once again a battle to get more light


    I got the 5-18 power x sight. Awfully buggy and complicated. Seems they changed to a 5-20 pretty quick. Not really too impressed, but I guess for a $500 NV sight scope you can’t expect too much….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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