AR 15 Grip Needed…

With the help of JFK I am working on getting an AR15 grip adapter with trigger guard designed for the Airforce guns.

Anyone have an AR15 grip they are not using and can lend me for awhile so I can take measurements for the design?

If you can lend me one PM me.


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JFK made up a fixture that fits the AR15 grip. Now I am going to take that and make it compatible with the talon frame and try to emulate the AR15 trigger guard design for the AF guns.

I will haller if I need some picts and numbers….Thanks!


Having a grip seems like it would help to modify existing ar grips to fit the talon; Making an add-on/modified triger guard for the af guns which would accept any unmodified ar grip would seem to require measurements from the ar gun itself. There are so many “tactical” ar grips out there that would look great on these af guns, a new trigger guard/adapter made into one would be AWESOME. If you need pics/measurements from the gun itself let me know. I will take pics of my ar (grip off) and note any required measurements.

Thought I had one, Looked in the vault. Nada!


Its on the way.

You are the man.

I thought I had one also. I did at one time but it has disappeared into the ether 😯

Thanks JFK that will make it a lot easier on me!

WOK, For some reason I was under the impression that you had one already. I have an extra one, I’ll send it out this afternoon.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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