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Apology To Ted Bier..

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    To all TAG members,
    It has come to my attention that their was an unfortunate incident a few years back concerning Ted Bier and
    some members of this forum.

    It was more serious than the average “mud slinging” that happens when personalities clash. Images and information was shared that should not have been. Ted reached out to our moderators and even posted to have the post removed and it was not. It was horrible that this happened and ultimately this leaves the sole responsibility on myself that this incident took place and was not handled properly at the time.

    Though the thread has since been removed, I would like to personally apologize to Mr. Bier and his family that this thread ever happened on my forum. I’m deeply sorry for what happened to Ted and his family. It was inappropriate behavior that should not have taken place from any member of the TAG.”

    My sincere apologies,
    Anthony Annuzzi

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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