anyone shoot bsa wolverines

I recently ordered some from sportsmans warehouse because i can’t find any of the jsb’s….the quality sucks…the skirts are bent all to hell..I guess it gives me reason to put the lathe to use to make an expander to straighten them out….

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I would have though it needed to be precise but after my first test,,maybe not..I assume that once it is swelled past the bore diameter and then pushed into the barrel it is resized again…

I have fixed dented skirts with the pointier end of the beeman pellet seating tool, but its probably not as precise as your homemade tool.

may be a little big…but along the right line of thinking..a 1/4″ ball bearing would be about perfect or find a piece of 1/4 in brass or similar. Chuck it in a drill shape it with a file….

Some of the old glass cutters have a round ball type thing on one end.
Been tempted to give it a try…..
What do ya think?

Blackops ,,,,i was shootin over the chrony while flairing the skirts….The velocity changed none to maybe 3 fps. But the groups at 35 yds were initially around 5/8 to 7/8″. I could get 3 or 4 into about one hole and then 3 or more flyers around the edges…The first time I cut the skirt tool I did’nt put the stop on it…Funny thing was at 35 yards it did’nt seem to matter how much it was flared they all shot into one hole that just kept getting a little larger each time… Some i had even flared so much that i could’nt push it all the way into the barrel. FPS and accuracy was the same. I like your idea about putting a lip on it to square the skirt as well. that may be a better stop than what i have done. I’ll have to agree with you on the air pressure not being able to do the work every time.. if the skirt is damage in anyway after it leaves the barrel it will affect accuracy. As for the angle I’m not sure . i changed it some with a file while trying to match it to the pellet

Double post my bad??

Yes, the BSA wolverines are relabeled JSBs, my batch was just fine and shot like JSBs. I’d take them back and get a replacement tin. They are a good buy and wouldn’t let 1 bad experience turn you or any other sour on them.

1 stock boy is all it takes to drop a box of them or a mistreated shipment. Don’t loose faith if you can get them locally you save on shipping and $13 for a tin of 500 is a good price. Open the next tins you plan to buy prior to purchase.

Nice flaring tool, modded crosman bolt?? I went further back and answered that Q.

Sounds like you got it all worked out, nice to have a local or somewhat local supply of a decent accurate pellet i’m about 40/50 miles from each. They usually have predators as well, always nice to have a tin of them around. Most acurate pellet i’ve ever shot with.

That is flipping sweet! I’m thinking of one that forms and flattens the bottom of the skirt also…will turn one soon and post what I’m thinking of.

How does yours work? I assume great? you notice any accuracy or fps difference?

After shooting these last couple of weekends I am NOT trusting the air to blow the pellet skirt out any more. I have had some BADLY dented skirts and I swear I get some fliers from them. this past Sat/Sun I used the bottom of a “ball” allen wrench to really open the skirt up and it seemed to help as well as the pellet seated VERY positively.


What angles did you cut the skirt tool?

here are some pics of the pellet skirt forming tool..Think I might make a nice handle for it next or a small ram

Vol I had thought those were the same…Of course I was told the BSA’s were the same too…It is my understand JSB is making these for several people….Don’t know whether it is true or not but AOA told me they sold thiers to sportsmans warehouse for the bsa label……I am going to try the AA pellets and see if there is any difference… Funny thing I realized is the tin that was dented had the least of the deformed pellets in it…

Hey Pinquino … i should have a pic available by tonight…..It is a simple tool made to seat in the deepest portion of the pocket and only flair or reform the skirt ever so slightly…

Do you have pic. of the tool???

My closest store is about 100 miles away….I called them and the guy there was nice enough to ship them to my house…they were packed well but one of the tins was dented..Supose it could have been dropped….I was playing around last night and made re-forming tool on the lathe…I made to push the skirt a couple ot thousands more than normal and wow do they shoot…had a 6 shot hole @ 30yds that barely increased in size each shot and then on 7 i jeerked one out of the group…

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