Anyone got one yet?

I would really like to see and talk to some one that has shot this Bazooka,
What good is an air gun if you can not take out a sparrow at 50 yards,,, Just useless in my book,
They can and do make good guns, My Marauder .25 is a tack driver at 50 yards, Under dime size groups and its never been tuned, I did install a 12.5 spring in it and did the Lawyer trigger trick , But that is it,,,
Just two years ago I thought .25 was CRAZY big for a PCP, Then I found out how accurate the dam things could be,,,,
Just having your own air compressor opens all kinds of Bazookas up, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
After all its just money…..
Well I have been known to fire off my potato gun in the back yard a few times, But I dam sure could not hit a sparrow at 5 yards,,, and It will shot a potato clean out of sight. 😎 😎

Bulldog .357
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