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    A couple of years ago when my son was 10, he bought a paintball gun from Walmart. The bottle is I think a 20 oz CO2 bottle. He shot 2-3 bottles of air through it before losing interest.

    Just this past weekend he wanted to go to a new paintball range that is in town. We rented a gun at the range for him to do war with and this gun ran off compressed air.

    My question is, can his gun be converted to use a compressed air tank instead of CO2 ?


    I know they can. There are definately some hpa guns out there. I can also tell you that the pressure that comes out has to be low. Anything like the condor with lots of high pressure fast air just blows up the paintball. But there are guns that’ll do it. Adam can tell you more, he used to play paintball.


    Most off the shelf paintball guns run at 850 psi. that is what all co2 bottles and most hpa tanks have the reg set at from the factory. Some of the higher end paintball guns run off of low psi like 400 or so, so they have special order regs for them.


    Here’s my condy with the CO2 adapter running off a regulated 1100 psi tank.

    My tiberius 9 is like a compact semi auto airforce gun 🙂


    I am a Paintball GOD!….or use to be anyways…LOL

    In the low end markers most of them will run off of CO2 and HPA. If the gun has electronics such as mac valve or murphy valves then No CO2 is used.

    Compressed air is so much easier to use. CO2 is always blowing hoses or burst discs at the worse time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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