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    As I’ve mentioned in other places here, I’m looking at new scopes, and this particular brand is one of them. Guns of Arizona is selling a few different models, up to a 8-32X56 for I believe $479.00, so they’re all well below 500 bucks, which is within my budget.

    Most reviews I’ve read about these scopes have been quite positive, decent glass with very nice reticles, nice turrets, ect. One thing that crosses my mind, is if something should go south, does the scope have to be sent to England for repair? If it does, that’s a negative right there.

    Anyone here have one, had one? Anything on this would be appreciated


    Ive looked through some of these. Super clear. A big jump up from the 200 dollar scopes.


    well its only sold by AOA…so that means if something goes wrong, they will blame you !

    but the scopes are very nice…as in really really nice !

    i like the reticle on them….the sidewheel and illumination…and clear optics…much like the bushnell Legend…i wouldnt put it in Bushnell 3200 or 4200 level…but it is very good

    target turrets are HUGE, i dont like those, but someone else might love them…can definatly be used with gloves on

    scope reportedly returns to zero very well so you can use turrets to compensate…why you would i dont know…since the milldots are so closely placed….

    biggest drawback is AOA


    Thanks for your guys take on the Vipers, it seems no matter where I read about them, the majority of talk is good… this may be the one for me. Seems like alot of the scope for the price.


    I have a couple. They are probably the best deal going in moderately priced glass. My normal glass was Leupold, but I’ve had Swarovski/Kahles, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Bushnell, ONE Leapers and ONE BSA. The MTC is very bright and shows good control of chromatic aberration. It is brighter than the Leupolds of similar objective size with decent exit pupil size, but there is a noticeable amount of image fall off as your eye moves away from center…. more so than the expensive glass. That said, it has an excellent reticle, great and easily adjusted knobs and clicks that are repeatable and ‘walk the box’ well, so track consistently. I will probably buy a couple more of these for a couple project guns I have in the works.



    Hey Walt thanks for your take. I’m currently saving up for one of these. I haven’t had good luck with the last 2 scopes I got, (Leapers) had to send one back, and the replacement I got seems to enjoy changing the POI whenever it wants, with turret knobs that don’t even click anymore, just mushy turns. The Vipers sound great, just hope I get a good one right away, and not have to deal with AOA with returns ect. I’m hoping the higher quality in MTC scopes will ensure a good one from the start.


    I find the scope heavy and big. I use mostly for target shooting so not a big problem. Good scope for money but not a high end scope. I would like to have 6 power rather than an 8 for close shots at the lower end. I really like the sighting set up & and adjustment knobs. Good scope for an air gun.

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