Any Feedback on the following Scope?

Nikko Stirling Platinum Nighteater

6-24X56 Saddle Focus with Large Sidewheel

Any positive or negative would be appreciated.

The price is right but do you spring for another Plus $200 for the Bushnel 4200 Elite Model 42-6242M



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That is too bad. My Bushy 3200 goes down to 10 yds.

quote WalkonKing:


Don’t forget to take into account the lifetime warranty of that 4200. No receipt required and they fix it no problem. That is handy if an expensive scope goes tits up on ya!

Yeah, I saw that, thing is, the 4200 model I like has specs saying 25 yrds to infinity, my yard isn’t that big. Last thing I wanna do is splurge on a super sweet scope and not be able to focus the thing real clear on my backyard targets. Not exactly AG friendly focus specs.


Don’t forget to take into account the lifetime warranty of that 4200. No receipt required and they fix it no problem. That is handy if an expensive scope goes tits up on ya!

Funny, I’m in the market for a new scope and this is one of a couple I’ve been looking at. I’m kinda torn between the Nighteater, and the Millett TRS-1 tactical, (4-16X50) which has been selling like hot cakes and 99% of all reviews I’ve read are good, to great. Costs a bit more maybe. Maybe i should just flip a coin…

I really looked hard at the Bushnell 4200 tactical with the side parallax, but damn, it’s way out on the extreme edge of my budget, and then I learned that it will only focus down to 25 yrds, passed on it.

This Nighteater does seem good for the bucks.

I have that scope on my SS right now. I had to send the first one in for warranty because it filled up with dust on the inside. They replaced it for free but you still have to pay shipping one way. The one they sent to replace it has the cross hairs that are slightly canted to the side in reference to the turrets. Its not a big issue but its one of those things that bugs you even though your the only one who knows about it. I would send it back again if it werent for the shipping charge.

Aside from that, its a nice scope. It can focus down to 10 meters no problem. Its really clear for a cheaper scope but doesnt really compare to scopes costing twice as much and it shouldnt. The rheostat for my reticle is different from what Ive seen on other scopes. Mine is very low profile with two push buttons for up and down in brightness level. All the ones in pictures Ive seen have the rotary knob that sticks up pretty high. Eye relief is very long on my unit. I had to put the scope pretty far forward to be comfortable. I dont have that problem Tef describes though. I can move my head all over the place and still see np. Because of the angled front on the scope it can be hard to find scope caps for it. I did find some but they are very cheap and Im not really happy with them but they do the job. Oh, and its a very long scope ).

had one of those too…i liked it alot…way better than simelar leapers, and REX

i found it bright at night time….the reostat works nicely…and the 12 adjustments it has you can actually get it low enough to not messing your night eyes…unlike the super bright illumination leapers got with only 5 setting of red and green

turrets where ok, again quite a bit better than leapers

comes with shade, and big sidewheel….nice….and its not too heavy for its size…

basicly…i liked it alot !

I have that scope mounted on my Airwolf. I find it to be clear and crisp even at the higher magnifications and it focuses down into the 10 meter range with no problems. The only slight downside though is it’s slightly fussy when it comes to getting your eye in the right place (although if you can get a good cheek spot on the rifle this shouldn’t be an issue) but this isn’t a major concern as it helps eliminate bad habits. Overall I’d say that it’s a nice, bright and solid scope and is good value for the money.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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