Another case of teenage idiocy

ORLANDO, Fla. — Two teens were charged with aggravated assault with a firearm Tuesday night after they pointed a sniper rifle toy into a roadway and in the direction of at least one traveling truck in Orange County, according to investigators.

Orange County sheriff’s deputies said a big rig driver was at Landstreet Road and South Orange Blossom Trail when he spotted someone pointing a long rifle with a scope at a Federal Express truck.

The tanker driver said he feared he might be shot at and called 911.

Deputies swarmed the area and secured a perimeter around a motel.

Officers then made contact with two teens, ages 18 and 19, who they believed were involved in the incident.

During a search of their motel room, officers found a rifle with a scope that later turned out to be a “look-alike” air gun.

“It’s a toy but it looks real,” an officer said. “I can guarantee you that if they would have pointed it at one of the deputies, they would not have hesitated to use deadly force.”

The teens said they were just looking at the rifle when they were seen pointing it into the road.

An investigation into the incident continues.

Moral of the story here is…. (fill in the blank)

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lol….only of they hit bare skin from close up…the guys i’ve seen playing has all been dressed up like swat and terrorists….how they can feel it all make me wonder…and the accuracy…lol….tried to chrony an ar16 classic army clone at 30 yards….couldnt get a single shot to pass the sensor…ended up braking the display on the unit instead…when they use the term sniper rifle about hardball guns i makes me laugh…those things couldnt hit a barn if you stood in one

now paintball….not those rental slow guns…but the real 300 fps .68 cal paintball…they can hurt…and you know you’ve ben hit…

hardball is for weiners….paintball now thats a game

ever tried having one of those balls not break but skip off ? one time i was hit on the knuckle…OMFG…that stung like arghhh….and when you got hit on the neck damn that hurt….and would actually give you a reason not to get shot….

quote Shadoh:

Ive been shot by some of those “airsoft” guns before. I wouldnt call myself a pussy but they raise a good sized welt and will definitely feel it.

That just makes the game more fun.

Ive been shot by some of those “airsoft” guns before. I wouldnt call myself a pussy but they raise a good sized welt and will definitely feel it.

Ha, never though of that!! 😯

hardball…word invented by guys to be able to play with softair….without being called a pussy

Isn’t ironic that they call spring propelled plastic bb’s, Airsoft… 😯

worst part this is probably a hardball toy that is getting tagged as an airgun…then the polititians read airgun…and before you know it…restrictions will be put in place on airguns…and hardball guns gets overlooked yet again….

A man was shot in Oakland a few weekends ago when he pointed a look alike handgun at officers. Later they put out 2 real guns and the fake and you couldn’t tell the difference.

They said, if you point anything that looks like a gun at a cop they are authorized to use deadly force…

Duhhhh…. 🙄

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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