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    Hey, I thought I should introduce myself. I’ve been lurking for the past few months making my decision on what kind of air rifle to buy. Thank to all of your expertise, I’ve got a Talon SS, a Leapers 6-24×50 AO Varmint Scope w/ B-Square Ultra-high one piece mounts on the way from Pyramidair.

    It all started with an obsession with the damn squirrels that have been living in my eaves. I was never really into weaponry, but I walked into the front yard with a Daisy BB gun (I was given for Christmas as kind of a joke gift) while one of the tree rats was fighting with the sparrows and popped it one in the chest. It dropped to the ground twitching, and I put it out of it’s misery. Then one of its friends came out of my roof and started barking at me, that one died shortly after (I had to retrieve it out of the gutter).

    I used to think squirrels were cute, but now all I can think of is killing them. Unfortunately, all the dumb squirrels are dead, and the one(s) currently living in my roof won’t take the bait in the live trap, and run for the trees when they see me (I live in a suburban neighborhood with my backyard next to the treeline of a corn field).

    I upgraded from the Daisy to a Powerline 1000, but I could never get the scope that came with it to stay on it. I have been shooting at the things like a lunatic, and I got a lucky shot in a few weeks ago. One was running on a tree limb about thirty yards out, I took a wild shot, I must of hit, because the thing dropped a branch, but kept running. It was then that I decided that I needed an upgrade.

    I’m going to work on my marksmanship and see if I can just pick them off while they are hanging around the tree they also live in (besides my roof), like a sniper about 60 yards away.

    Okay, enough of my squirrel rant. I actually have a question, how do you all manage your pellets, especially in the winter? It was a bit of a pain picking out a pellet out of my pocket and loading it with gloves on. There has be be a better way.


    Welcome and it sounds like you are going to have plenty of targets. Where I live we dont even own gloves…LOL it does not get that cold. But what I do is buy a cheap coin purse and put a lanyard on it then hang it from my neck. You can leave it open while shooting. Just dont bend over to much…lol.

    It has worked for me for a long time.

    quote :

    Okay, enough of my squirrel rant. I actually have a question, how do you all manage your pellets, especially in the winter?

    Well, I usually leave one glove off. Whether I’m hunting with a shotgun rifle or airgun. Then I just stick that hand in my pocket while I’m not about to shoot or reload. The pellets stay in my pocket as well.


    I’ve used gloves with the fingers open.

    For my SS when running on CO2 I used a piece of pipe foam, drilled holes in it to hold the pellets. The foam slips around the co2 adaptor.

    Using the talon tank I use this pellet pouch. It has Velcro that I can wrap around my belt without taking it off. I have two of the pouches, one for Predators and Kodiaks, and one just for crosman premiers.


    sacshooter, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I was going to buy one of those foam things from pyramidair, but they are out of stock. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could get some foam resembling their stuff.


    Beer can holder stuff?


    OOPS–wrong picture! 😯

    Would this here stuff work?—>


    Hah! Hmm.. a pellet holder and a gun rack… nice.


    This is what I used:

    I think any foam will work.

    I made my first one for my eb22 co2 pistol:

    I used duct tape over foam that I cut out of an elbow pad. I placed it on the holster, then ran a few pieces of duct tape over it. Then I carefully drilled holes in it with a drill press. For my pistol I made it hold enough pellets for 1 co2 cartridge to power.

    The one I made for the ss I just cut a chunk of this stuff off and drilled hole to hold the pellets. I cut a slit in the foam so I could wrap it around stuff. (like the co2 adaptor in the above post)

    Here are a couple of ideas of places you could hang it on the SS:

    I think the beer cooler will work, It might wrap around the talon tank nicely, you will have to try it.

    If the dense foam doesn’t hold the pellets well you can try a layer of duct tae over it, it seems to work well for my pistol.

    Good luck!
    Please post a picture of your finished pellet holder for others 😀


    Welcome my Brother….

    We are happy to have.



    FYI the beer can cooler is the same size as a 12oz CO2 tank.
    Keeps the cheek warm on a cold day..
    And a beer cold on a worm day… 😉

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