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    quote Brian10956:

    After I order the Altaros compressor booster are there othe accessories I need to purchase to get going I would be using it to fill my Tiger Shark Tank .

    I just got my Altaros. It has a built in water/oil filter but I personally would not trust just that. The Altaros guys say it fine but I live in a humid climate so I want to be extra safe. I have a Sharpe F88 filter for general water and oil removal on my main air system in my shop but also ordered a DeVilbiss QC3 filter from Ebay for $150 delivered. I’m in the body shop business and my paint rep really bragged on the DeVilbiss. I’ll be using the DeVilbiss exclusively on the Altaros. With that being said, I filled both my SCBA tanks today with only the F88 filter and there was not a single drop of water in the Altaros filter. The Altaros runs so cold, mine actually gets colder the longer it runs, that I don’t see any need for a high side filter. My shop was 75 degrees today and the Altaros was 68 degrees after filling both my SCBA cylinders. It took 1 hour and 40 minutes to go from 3400 to 4500. I have a 2 stage, 240 volt, 5 hp, 50 gallon compressor that is hard plumbed into my work shop.

    Did you decide on a compressor? The HF is definitely the best choice on the list you had. The bigger tank is going to work much better as the compressor will run much less.

    Other than the compressor and an auxiliary filter if you choose to get one, you should be good to go as Altaros supplies everything else with the booster.



    Last week, I became the proud owner on an Altaros Booster. And I am extremely pleased with it!
    Altaros’ Customer Care/After Sales is also very pleasesant, direct and efficient.

    Upon request they created an “alternative” set-up for only Euro 15,- extra. Let me explain…

    As most PCP air rifle users, I like to keep my tanks topped up to 300 BARs (4500 psi). But after a while I always end up with a few airtanks with pressures of around 150 – 180 BARs. I asked if I could use the Altaros Booster to use this “leftover” air in certain tanks to increase pressure other tanks back to 300 BAR. Altaros did some expiriments and replied that with a simple rearrangement of some existing tubes and one extra tube, this could be done. The low pressure compressor is, in this constellation, only used to drive the Altaros Booster Unit. The air supplied comes from of a tank with medium pressure, externally regulated down to 80-90 BAR and inserted directly in the highpressure side of the Altaros Booster.

    The efficiency is remarkable… Inevitable losses are only 10% to 15%!!! I was able to top up three smaller bottles back to 300 BARS, using the 190 BAR left in a large bottle. The pressure in this bottle is now lowered to 100 BARs, while all my other air reservoirs now back at 300 BARs.
    The low pressure compressor does not need to be large and can even be relatively quiet.

    I then rewired the Altaros Booster Unit to its original configuration and filled the large bottle back up from 100 to 300 BARs. This took a bit longer, given the fact that my low pressure compressor does not possesses a large capacity. But I got there in the end using the recommended 60/40 runtime of the LC.

    Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the Altaros Booster Unit, the knowledge of the Altaros engineers, their superb service and can only highly recommend this product!

    10 April, 2017, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Dr. J.E. Eikelaar


    There was few customers which asked us how to rebuild our Altaros compressor booster so they could boost pressure with different inert gas from one bottle to other. So we made video how to do it .
    This set for Boostering from one bottle to another will be added on web soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 166 through 168 (of 168 total)
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