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    I need the ring sizes for a tired airmax compressor that I bought from that sheikster in Arkansas. I would rather set my pants on fire while wearing them rather than try to contact that crook and give him anymore of my hard earned money! Does anyone even know what company in China built these things? Yes I know that I can tear it down and measure them but it would be really nice to have the new parts on hand before tearing it down, Then having to wait God knows how long for the replacement parts to arrive.
    It used to be posted on an old thread but the links to the sizes have been deleted or disabled…If not mistaken I believe that”Guykuo” posted the specifics in his thread but when you click on the link it says they don’t exist… I have found tons of rebuild parts for hpa compressors on AilExpress and ebay but I have no idea which ones to buy…Any help you guys can give me i’ll really appreciate it Thanks in advance..Viper

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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