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    quote HogFeeder:

    Sure, any time. I have a 50 yard range in my yard/woods/creek bottom, and 10000 acres of Erie County Forestry at my back yard.

    is that adjacent to erie county,PA, by chance?


    No. I’m about 30 miles south of buffalo ny


    Friends, please let me know where and how to order tony’s for my condor,thanks a lot


    Click the banner at the top of the page, it says Talon tunes.


    i’ve had a tt ldc since i’d received my .22 talon ss last year. i couldn’t remember what my ss sounded like without the tt so last saturday i thought i’d leave it off after cleaning my barrel just to refresh my memory of what the ss sound.

    of course, i didn’t put the af endcap on the shroud. i just opened a back window and took a shot into the yard. holy crap, it sounded like a .22 rimfire.

    after closing my window and laying low for a while i put the af endcap on and took another shot: much quieter but still surprisingly loud compared to what i was used to.

    i replaced the endcap with tt’s ldc and took another shot. it was pretty impressive. i don’t think it was any louder than shooting without the airtank connected.


    So, I went to the “TalonTunes” banner link and I see all sorts of cool stuff.

    But I don’t see a link to the shrouds that people keep talking about.

    Maybe I’m blind. But I can’t find them. Can someone provide a direct link?


    Give TT a call. I have a Get the Bluejay shrould and a Subssonic insert. Both work great. All three produce some quality stuff.


    Thanks Nate, I was hoping for a link to compare prices and specs of the different options before actually picking up the phone and calling someone.

    Also, I have to admit to being confused by terminology. I see people talking about all of the below things as ways to quiet an airgun.

    Silencer (careful! this one is potentially trouble)
    Frame Extension
    LDC (don’t even know what the acronym means)
    … and something like a “gas extractor” I can’t remember the exact term.

    What the heck are all these things? Are they just different words for the same thing? Are there functional differences between them? Are some better than others?

    I am sooo confused…


    all the same thing LDC lead dust collecter


    When is someone going to do a comparison of all the top shrouds? There’s a lot of variables from sound, if its removed will it still shoot the same after its put back on the gun without adjusting it and how strong is it? I personally use my gun to kill things on a daily basis going to a lot of places and not just shooting off of my kitchen table at feeders. I don’t throw my gun down but I do need to be able to put in book bag then remove it to kill things! Thanks for any info. This site has been a huge help.


    LDC will not change power, but poi can change with-vs-without.


    i think there is a price difference and they both have different length

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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