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Airforce Airgun Technical Information

Air is leaking from the tank:

A. Install the air tank on the rifle and fire several times without a pellet.

B. With the air tank off the gun, tap the air valve with a plastic hammer

C. If air continues to leak after these things have been tried, it will have to be repaired at the factory. Please contact 877-247-4867 for return instructions.

Gun Fails to fire when trigger is pulled:

A. Is the gun cocked?

B. Has the safety been taken off?

C. Is the removable tank installed?

D. Is the tank filled with air?

E. Is anything blocking the valve or bolt?

F. Was the bolt closed and rotated to one side before firing?

G. Is the air tank overfilled, causing valve lock?

Gun fires but pellet remains in barrel:

A. Is the air tank filled?

B. Is the barrel free from obstructions?

C. Was the bolt closed and rotated to one side before firing?

D. Is the pellet the correct caliber for the barrel?

E. Are you sure the pellet did not exit the barrel? Try shooting through paper at close range, making certain your backstop is safe.

F. Is the air tank overfilled, causing valve lock?

Gun fires with widely varying velocity:

A. Are all the pellets the same?

B. Are the pellets high quality?

C. Are you using lead pellets? Synthetic pellets deposit residue in the barrel that can cause velocity variation.

D. Is the air tank filled to 3000psi? As the tank drops to 2000psi, the velocity will start to vary more.

E. Is the barrel dirty?

F. Are you shooting the gun with the power adjuster below the number 3 (or above the number 11 for the Talon SS, only?) At these settings, the velocity will vary more-especially if the air tank is low. Above setting 11 on a Talon SS, the excess air leaving the muzzle will slow the pellet.

When the gun fires and all the air exhausts from the tank:

A. The cause for this is almost always a pellet that was not seated deeply into the breech. The skirt is blown against the breech face when high pressure air first hits it and creates a high pressure air seal that forces the valve to remain open. To load a pellet, cock the rifle and leave the bolt forward, exposing the breech. Push a pellet all the way into the breech with your thumb or a pellet seating tool.

Please contact our office Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Central Time
Email: staff@airforceairguns.com

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Ha. If when you pull the trigger, and it doesn’t shoot, and you figure out the problem is you forgot to put the tank on the gun, go ahead and sell it. 😛

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