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    Thought I would let everyone know that the new airforce e-pump compressor is finally for sale at Pyramayd AirGuns . I ordered one ,
    cost $854.95 out the door with free shipping , they most likely have a limited supply in stock , so if you want one you shouldn’t wait
    too long because at this price with free shipping they are going to sell out fast . :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:



    UP-DATE : I was a little concerned about my order from PyramydAir for my Airforce E-pump because after I purchased the pump their
    product status for this pump says it is out of stock so I called AirforceAir and talked to their rep. Laura and asked her what is the
    status on their E-pump and she told me that they have shipped some pumps out to other dealers first . She said that the reason why
    it hasn’t been listed as in stock is because they are completely inspecting and going over each pump personally to make sure every
    thing is in perfect working order and that sometime around mid March their status should be changed to in stock . I guess I will be
    getting the first E-pump that PyramydAir had because they said that my order was ready for shipment and waiting for UPS to pick
    it up . For now its’ a waiting game and see what happens .



    Newest UP-DATE : Just got an E-mail from PyramydAir , they said that UPS has picked up my order and it has officially been shipped .
    WT : of package 46.8 lbs. heading my way .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :8: :8: :8:


    I got the email they were available the other day. Check yesterday says out of stock. Let us know how ya like it. :4:


    miksatx , I’ll be happy to give you the full details on this compressor . Strange as it is I think that I’am the first person to get the very
    first AirForce E-4500 PSI Compressor sold on the market . I haven’t heard of anyone else getting it . Really don’t what else to say at
    this point . We are just going to see what becomes with this compressor .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :suprisedn:


    Most people are snagging up the Nomad2 for $650. From the reviews on the nomad I’ve watched it sounds pretty loud. I was thinking about the e pump as spare mobile unit.


    What I read and liked about this compressor : (1) It is the quietest unit on the market , (2) It is maintenance free , and (3) it
    requires no filters for refilling air guns or bottles . It will be delivered Feb. 22 nd. , then I will go over the instructions and find
    out any and all requirements for this pump and I will give all of you the full details .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:


    I’m looking forward to your review Birdman ….. IIRC Hoot was interested in this innovation also.

    ~ Greg


    The Airforce E- Pump came today and after reading the instructions it only took about 10 minutes to set it up . As for maintenance goes
    they say that you need to apply a few drops of a synthetic compressor oil to the pump shaft after every 60 hours of use . The unit doesn’t
    come with an hour gauge so I will have to get an hour log and record all of my running times . I looked on line and found that Husky has a
    synthetic compressor oil that would work really well for my unit . The unit does weight 40 lbs. and the measurements are as follows .
    (1) height 6 1/2″ plus fixed handle 1 3/4″ , total = 8 1/4″ , (2) length 27 5/8″ plus external DC fittings 1″ , total = 28 5/8″ , (3) Width 6 1/2″
    plus external Bleed Valve 1 3/4″ on the back side of the pump and external motor housing 5 1/2″ on the front side of the pump , total
    13 3/4″ . I wasn’t able to run my compressor and fill-up my Talon SS because the female quick disconnect fitting would not close and
    seal properly on the fill-port fitting on my gun , so I’m going to have to replace the female fitting first and then I’ll be able to tell you
    just exactly how quiet this compressor truly is .



    I also received an E-pump from Pyramid Air. Fit and finish is excellent. I just filled my Talon ss factory tank 490 cc, it took 1 hour give or take a few minutes from 0 to 3000psi. Very quiet and when it finished there was no noticeable heat any where on the case of the pump. So far VERY happy.


    Talked to Rachel from Airforce Airguns on Monday about the female quick-disconnect fitting on the the hose of my new Airforce E-Pump
    not closing and sealing and she E-mailed me Tuesday that they were shipping me a new one . I really like their support , even though I
    have proof of purchase from Pyramydair they never questioned my claim and were willing to make things right without any questions
    what so ever . That is what I call great customer support .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:


    Got the replacement Foster Female Quick-Disconnect fitting today and put it on the refilling hose and connected my Talon SS to
    the compressor . This compressor isn’t super quiet , but it is quiet enough that you can be right next to it while it is running and
    the noise level really doesn’t bother your hearing . The one thing I do not like about this unit is the refilling hose is only 12″ long ,
    and makes refilling your air gun (rifle , bullpup , carbine) a bitch . So I solved this problem by ordering a double male quick coupler
    decanting connector and a 4500 psi air hose also with gauge and bled valve , then I will be able to have a proper refilling set-up .
    Too bad that Airforceair didn’t have enough foresight to have put a 20″ to 30″ hose instead of a 12″ hose would have made refilling
    your guns much easier . Anyway , I had set my auto shut-off at 3000psi . My starting PSI was at 800 and it took 35 minutes to fill to
    3000psi and my auto shut-off worked perfectly . Now it is time to start selling a couple of guns and my Great White .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:


    Correction , compressor refill hose is 22 inches , still too short for me .


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