Airforce Condor SS problems with new Hill MK4 pump

Haven’t used my Condor SS, with quick disconnect tank, for 3 years (retired and still house hunting (daughter still in college up in Chicago, wife and I trying to decide where to drop anchor). Tried to pump up my tank (still with 2000 psi), and the Airforce pump could barely pump in anything, and the handle won’t stay down, but pops and stays up. Decided to follow some advice and just order a new Hill MK4 pump, that comes with the DryPac kit, and AV-00043-1 AV Foster Female QD w 1/8″ BSPP male kit. Tried to pump up rifle/tank with this thing, and after only a few pumps, the MK4 pressure gauge jumps to 3000 psi, but my Condor SS tank gauge says it is still at 2000 psi??? The pump came with the above adapter (also not sure what the little brass 1/8″ mini screw is for). Don’t want to take a chance and ruin/get hurt with any further useless pumping. Can someone please help me (its the weekend, and no one is open. Thanks in advance!!! Good to be back on this forum; can’t wait to start using my Condor…

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