Airforce Bipod Mod

Yes, I was bored, why do you ask?

Ive been stuck without materials for the projects I want to do so I had to tear something up.

I like the Airforce Bipod. Its simple, compact and is the right size for our guns. I HATE that you can only mount it a couple ways on our guns. If they would have taken about two seconds longer to think about it they could have done it better. Im picky about how my gun looks. I didnt want it hanging out past the end of my gun and I didnt want it getting in the way of my foregrip. I even had my foregrip in the rear position just so the bipod would fit on the gun where I wanted it.

I decided to make it so that I could put it on top of the rail. Airforce should have done this to begin with IMO.

You pretty much lose all of the “cant” ability of the bipod when its on top of the gun but it only takes a minute to move it to the bottom if you need it. I also put felt pads between all the spots that touch the gun. This allows me to slide it forward or back and to move it easily without any more scratching of my guns finish.

Ive seen guys that have put it on top of the gun before but they always had to use risers or another Trirail to get it high enough to clear the barrel tube. I like this better.


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Ohhhhh, That purty. That bipod looks trick. And love how that scope looks as well as your endcap….

Great minds think alike 🙂

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