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    Hi everyone, newbie here. I noticed that the manuals are basically identical to the USA manuals from Airforce re their guns sold in the UK or Europe under the brand name of Gunpower. The guns are definitely the same, only lacking made in the USA. I was lucky enough to come across one sitting around for some years, brand new and never fired and want to find the equivalent USA model. I was labelled as “The Shadow” in 0.22 Cal, it does indeed have the power adjuster wheel (as it was not purchased in the UK but in a European country where it is legal for the power to be adjusted. It’s an old model with the old “RED” colored safety. I’ve put a picture here. I want to be able to upgrade/maintain it with any new trick parts or simply original OEM etc.








    I have other PCPS but this is the first single shot, very excited about it.


    Looks like the OG model of the TalonP to me


    Hi there, yeah thanks for that, I’ve been erring in that direction thinking similar.

    It’s an old frame, so no spin lock but i guess with some careful machining and tapping I could upgrade along those lines.

    Much appreciated.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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