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    It was entertaining to read, by the looks of it it’s just another version of the same family. They just used carbonfiber looking parts to hide the compressor parts from view.
    The crankcase looks pretty same as nimrodairs. And that fill whip looks dead cheap.
    Lookin this and knowing what’s inside the carrette, you know my point.



    Part two is up

    Finally, some images with the panels removed. I identified as much as I could and annotated their images. Click for higher resolution.

    I like the cooling coil after the high side output. Cooling the air to enable condensation before separation is a good step.
    We now know the cartridge filter in the oil water separator cylinder is not a drying filter. it’s a big particle filter that doesn’t remove moisture.

    Bleed valve looks to be one that sprays everywhere rather than into a nozzle. You can’t attach a tube for a waste catchment.

    The thermal sensors are on the cooling jacket of the high side. So, they don’t actually measure the higher temperatures in the cylinder. I did my measurements directly on the high side air output, where the temp will be higher and closer to what the cylinder head is experiencing. You can’t directly compare the temps in the AV review with the ones I measured on the Carette. That’s cooling jacket temperature vs air output temperature. Cooling jacket temperature is, of course, going to be lower than air output temp.

    Cooling jacket temperature in the AV review (65.3C) are higher than the high pressure AIR OUTPUT temperature of the Carette (35.3C). That shows you how much more stress the AV’s high pressure stage must endure to achieve its speed.

    I can’t determine how well the wring is grommeted for entry into the control box. At least there is a control box instead of Mrod’s exposed line voltage wiring.

    Definitely a two stage design. There isn’t a stacked stage on the high side. If i were a dual stack, there would be one more pressure tubing and the input would be lower on the cylinder stack. The lower part’s piston is merely acting as a mounting platform for the actual high side piston.

    Air intake filter is unremarkable looking. It is too small to contain a meaningful amount of desiccant. There is no mention of any dessicant in the manual for that filter. I think the early information that there is desiccant on the intake are error. This looks like just a plain particle filter.


    Maybe they think that the tampon attracts enough of the moisture to worry about desiccant.
    No cooling coil between the stages that’s a big minus on my book. One unit reviewed and that’s all we know, even nimrod got lucky with couple of units so only time will tell how bad or good this is.
    Wouldn’t be that hard to put reduction between the engine and pump or use completely different spec engine for that matter. But speed sells better and faster.



    I just ordered one, I hope it’s good. We shall see.



    I took the plunge and ordered one a while back – it just shipped today. I guess I find out how well it works in about a week. (Or at least how well it works initially…).


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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